[ Allan Aynesworth [ Edward Abbot-Anderson ], actor. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Allan Aynesworth'), a letter of condolence to Lady Hall on the death of Sir Edward Marshall Hall.

Allan Aynesworth [ Edward Abbot-Anderson] (1864-1959), English actor who had a leading role in the first production of 'The Importance of Being Earnest' by Oscar Wilde [ Sir Edward Marshall Hall ]
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On letterhead of 78 Portland Place, W.1. [ London ] 24 February 1927.

1p., 4to. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Addressed to 'Dear Lady Hall', and sending his 'sincere condolences on the death of Dear Ted', from whom he 'had received [...] so many acts of true friendship & kindness'. The loss is great to him and many of Hall's friends. The letter concludes: 'May it be of some solace to you & your Daughter to know how beloved he was!'

[ 'Allan Aynesworth' [ Edward Abbot-Anderson ], English actor. ] Five Autograph Letters Signed, one to Cyril Maude and rest to W. Macqueen-Pope, about a benefit performance for Maude at the Haymarket Theatre, and containing biographical information.

Allan Aynesworth [ born Edward Abbot-Anderson ] (1864-1959), English actor whose career spanned six decades [ Cyril Maude; W. Macqueen-Pope ]
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Both from Larkwood, off Chobham Road, Camberley, Surrey. Letter to Maude dated 14 February 1942; letter to MacQueen-Pope dated 9 April 1942.

BThe five items in fair condition, lightly-aged, with slight rust staining from paperclip. In a difficult hand. ONE: ALS to Macqueen-Pope, 20 March 1941. On his Larkwood letterhead, with 'From Allan Aynesworth' at head. Undated. 3pp., landscape 12mo. Providing a deal of information about his association with Maude, the last page beginning: 'Friendship about 50 years. We joined the Garrick & Beefsteak Clubs where we dined together with so many of our Theatre Friends Inc. Wyndham Irving Alexander Hare & Kendal to name a few.

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