[ Melbourne Private Assembly Balls, 1875. ] Tastefully-printed card programme, listing the dances, attached with yellow string to a small pencil, and completed in manuscript [ by Arthur Grubbe ] with names of ladies danced with.

Melbourne Private Assembly Balls, 1875 [ Arthur Grubbe ]
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[ Melbourne, Australia, 1875. ]

5.5 x 6 cm folder, with shiny white card covers printed in gold with ornately-lettered cover reading 'MELBOURNE | Private Assembly | BALLS. | 1875.' Royal crest on back cover. The folder contains two printed leaves, the whole being attached with fancy yellow string to a delicate small white pencil with a bobble at the end. Internally the six pages (including the inside covers) consist of three facings, with a list of the ball's 18 dances (from '1. WALTZ .... Casino Tanze | Gung'l' to '18. WALTZ ....

[ William Lawrence Balls, botanist. ] Ten Typed Letters Signed (all 'W Lawrence Balls') to G. K. Menzies, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts

William Lawrence Balls (1882-1960), FRS, botanist who specialised in cotton technology [ the Fine Cotton Spinners' and Doublers' Association, Limited, Manchester; Royal Society of Arts, London ]
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All on letterheads of the Fine Cotton Spinners' & Doublers' Association, Limited, St. James's Square, Manchester. Two from 1917 and eight from 1918.

The ten letters total 4pp., landscape 8vo, and 6pp., 4to. The collection in good condition, lightly aged and worn. With stamps and annotations of the Royal Society of Arts. The correspondence relates to a lecture given by him by invitation, and its subsequent publication in the Society's journal. He originally suggests that it be titled 'The Application of Science to economic purposes, with illustrations from the Cotton Trade', thinking that it would 'attract people outside cotton circles', but is persuaded to alter this to 'Examples of Applied Science in the Cotton Industry'.

[Victorian cricket and tennis ephemera.] Printed handbill by Cheney & Sons for T. J. Watkins of Banbury, advertising items for 'Cricket and Lawn Tennis. Season 1888.', including 'Well Oiled & Seasoned Cricket Bats'.

[T. J. Watkins, sports outfitter, 75, High Street, Banbury; Cheney & Sons, General, Commercial & Artistic Printers, Banbury]
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T. J. Watkins, 75, High Street, Banbury. [Cheney & Sons, Banbury printers.] 1888.

1p., 8vo. On recto of first leaf of a bifolium. Very good, lightly-aged. Nicely printed, in a variety of types and point sizes: 'Cricket and Lawn Tennis. | SEASON 1888. | Well Oiled & Seasoned CRICKET BATS | BEST MATCH BALLS, | Stumps, Pads, Gloves, &c. | The Demon, Champion, Challenge, Match, Eton, and other Racquets. | LAWN TENNIS BALLS, | By Ayres, Phillips (seamless), Feltham, Bussey, | and Slazenger. | A LARGE STOCK AT ALL PRICES. | AN EARLY INSPECTION RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. | SPECIAL TERMS TO CLUBS. | T. J.

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