[Charles Townshend, British politician behind the Townshend Acts.] Autograph Signature ('C Townshend') and seal, with signatures of Charles Bembridge, John Powell, Thomas Farraine, to document appointing Robert Digby deputy paymaster of Minorca.

Charles Townshend (1725-1767), British politician behind the Townshend Acts in the American Revolution; Charles Bembridge; John Powell; Thomas Farraine [Admiral Robert Digby (1732-1815); Minorca]
Publication details: 
'the 12th. of June 1765 in the Fifth Year of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lord George the Third of Great Britain, France and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, &c.'

1p, foolscap 8vo. In good condition, lightly aged, with thin strip of paper from mount adhering to edge on reverse. Folded once. Signed 'C Townshend' with good impression of seal in red wax at bottom right. Nineteen-line document in a secretarial hand, with tax stamp at head. At foot, by two members of the Army Pay Office, Horse Guards: 'Sign'd, Sealed and delivered, (being first duly stamp'd) in the presence of | John Powell | Chas: Bembridge'.

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