[John Cartier, English baritone.] Three Autograph Letters Signed to 'David', describing the 'hard-going' of his touring existence, and enclosing photographs for his 'enormous collection'.

John Cartier (c.1923-1997), English baritone, singer of Gilbert and Sullivan with the D'Oyly Carte
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All from 10 Rutherford House, Brady Street, London E1. 15 January 1974, and 5 March and 21 May 1975.

First two letters 1p., 4to; third letter 2pp., 4to. All three signed 'John Cartier'. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. In the last letter he states that he has received the 'envelopes', and has 'distributed them round to various singers and musicians who will eventually, I am sure, be sending you a photograph with best wishes'. He apologises for being unable to invite him to visit: 'You see, this is a very tiny flat and, in fact, I am very seldom here for any length of time as my work means continual journeying from place to place for concerts and shows.

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