[2nd Earl of Lytton.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Lytton') to Lee Keedick of New York, with typed contract between the two, signed by both parties, for a lecture titled 'Bulwer Lytton and his Times', with a printed synopsis of the lecture.

Lord Lytton [Victor Alexander George Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 2nd Earl of Lytton] (1876-1947), British politician and colonial administrator; The Lecture Agency, Ltd. (Gerald Christy), London
Publication details: 
Lytton's letter on letterhead of 22 Eaton Place, London; 19 June 1914. Contract dated 24 June 1914. Synopsis by The Lecture Agency, Ltd. (Gerald Christy), The Outer Temple, London.

The three items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. ONE: Autograph Letter Signed from Lytton to Keedick. 19 June 1914. 4pp., 12mo. On bifolium. He apologises for the delay in replying, caused by 'a bad attack of hay fever which has almost incapacitated me'. He regrets to say that 'it will be impossible for me to do what you wish namely to enter into a contract with you immediately to deliver 30 lectures in the U.S.A. & Canada next year about November, because it is possible that before that date I might obtain some work which would prevent me leaving this country'.

Autograph Letter Signed by George Lumbard ('Geo Lumbard') to unnamed correspondent.

Christy's Minstrels [The Christy Minstrels; Edwin Pearce Christy; George Christy [Harrington]; George Lumbard]
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Town Hall, Buckingham; 12 March 1866.

One page, 12mo. Good on piece of lightly-creased and aged paper, neatly mounted on slightly-larger piece of paper. Enclosing funds 'for the Use of St Andrews Hall April 2nd. 3rd. & 4th./66 for Christys Minstrels Concerts'. Postscript requests that receipt be sent to Reading in Berkshire: 'Shall be there on Thursday next'. A significant document. 1866 marked the introduction of the minstrel show into England by Christy's Minstrels, and the first of several extremely successful tours by the company.

Autograph Letter Signed.

Frances K Chadwyck Healey to [Wakefield] Christie Miller
Publication details: 
26 October 1891; on letterhead 119, Harley Street, W.

The recipient, who died in 1898, was the possessor of a celebrated library (see Seymour de Ricci, English Collectors, p.109). 3 pages, 12mo. In good condition, with edge of blank verso of second leaf of bifoliate adhering to remains of stub. She apologises for the delay in replying and regrets that they cannot 'avail ourselves of yr. kind invitation to pay you a visit as my husband is engaged to dine out on Saturday the 31st.' He is 'hard at work again' and they have had 'a delightful holiday in Somersetshire'.

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