[ Lauri Wylie; playwright; Dinner for One; Der 90. Geburtstag ] Three Typed Letters Signed Lauri (2) and L. (1) AND one Autograph Letter Signed Lauri | LAURI WYLIE to theatre historian W. Macqueen-Pope, about theatre topics including his own writing.

Lauri Wylie [Lauri Wylie (1880 – 1951), originally Maurice Laurence Samuelson Metzenberg, British actor and author, inc. the play Dinner for One (most frequently repeated TV programme ever).]
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All from Two Courtenay Towers | Hove 3, 13, 20, 27 August 1950 (typed letters) and 22 January 1951 (Holograph).

Total 4pp., 4to, one with corner torn off, all a little battered but texts clear and complete. Letter One: He asks if anything can be done with [his] book, and discusses his re-writing another straight play. They don't seem to be able to stop me. I roughed it out during the war but have now done a lot to it. I think it's a winner! So does every one else who writes plays [further lighthearted comment on writing plays]. He asks finally whether Macqueen-Pope has any new books coming on. They seem to go down big.

'The Encyclopaedia Britannica Dinner given by Sir Donald Mackenzie Wallace': 'Plan of Tables' and menu., attended by A.J. Balfour and all the great and the good. (up to 300 of them).

[ Sir Donald Mackenzie Wallace (1841-1919), Foreign Correspondent of The Times of London; Encyclopaedia Britannica
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Dinner held at the Hotel Cecil, London, 21 November 1902.

Both items nicely printed and in good condition, with light signs of age and wear. ONE: 'The Encyclopaedia Britannica Dinner given by Sir Donald Mackenzie Wallace. Hotel Cecil, Friday Evening, November 21st, 1902. Plan of Tables.' 28.5 x 80 cm, folding up into a 28.5 x 13.5 cm packet. Printed in black and red on the whole of one side, with the other side carrying a 'Programme of Music' ('M. G. Fericescu, Musical Director'), an alphabetical table, and a cover with engraved illustration. Made out in pencil to 'Mr. A. Williams | K24' (i.e. the Liberal MP Aneurin Williams).

[The Royal Society.] Four printed documents relating to the 289th Anniversary Dinner at the Dorchester Hotel, London: Copies of speeches by the President, Professor E. D. Adrian, and Viscount Portal of Hungerford; Menu; and 'Plan of Tables'.

The Royal Society, London [289th Anniversary Dinner, Dorchester Hotel, London]; Professor Edgar Douglas Adrian, 1st Baron Adrian, Nobel Prize winner; Charles Portal, 1st Viscount Portal of Hungerford
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[The Royal Society, London.] Dinner held on St Andrew's Day [30 November] 1951, at the Dorchester Hotel, London. 'Plan of Tables' printed by Headley Brothers Ltd, 109 Kingsway, London, WC2, and Ashford, Kent.

The four items in good condition, lightly-aged. ONE: 'The Royal Society | Speech of the President, Professor E. D. Adrian, O.M., at the Anniversary Dinner, Dorchester Hotel, on 30 November 1951.' Duplicated typescript. 5pp., short 8vo. On five leaves stapled together. TWO: 'The Royal Society | Speech by the Viscount Portal of Hungerford at the Anniversary Dinner on 30 November 1951'. 6pp., long 8vo. Duplicated typescript. On six leaves stapled together. THREE: Cover reads: 'The Royal Society | Professor E. D. Adrian, O.M. | President | Anniversary Dinner | Dorchester Hotel | St.

[Pamphlet.] Cripple Children's Training & Dinner Society. Report, 1903. [With two duplicated items loosely inserted: 'Rules for Helpers during Dinner Hour' and 'Form of Application for Free Dinner'.]

[Cripple Children's Training & Dinner Society.]
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Printed by H. Williams and Son, 222 Gray's Inn Rd., London, W.C. 1904. [Both duplicated items without date or place.]

12pp., 12mo. Stapled. In grey printed wraps. With stamp, shelfmark and labels of the Board of Education Reference Library, otherwise in good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Scarce: no copies in the British Library or on COPAC. Both duplicated items are 1p., 8vo, on a separate leaf, and both reproduce manuscript. Both are in good condition. The first, in portrait, is headed 'Cripple Schools' Dinners Sub-Committee. | Rules for Helpers during Dinner Hour. 12-1.30 p.m.' Listing eight rules, including: '5.

Printed list (headed 'Trinity College, Cambridge. | June 21 and 22, 1899.') of 'Members of the College' who have 'accepted the invitation of the Master and Fellows to dinner'.

Trinity College, Cambridge University, 1899 [Rev. Charles William Shepherd]
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First Issue.' [Cambridge; 1899.]

8vo, 4 pp. Neatly printed on watermarked laid paper. Fair, though slightly grubby and creased. The words 'First Issue' are in the top left-hand corner of the first page. The heading reads 'Trinity College, Cambridge. | June 21 and 22, 1899. | The following Members of the College have accepted the invitation of the Master and Fellows to dinner on June 21. The date placed opposite to each name is that of the year in which the first degree was taken, and the order is that in which the names stand on the College Boards'. The earliest graduates date from 1858 and the latest from 1865.

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