[ Moira Lister, film and theatre actress. ] Seven Signed Letters (six in Autograph) and one Autograph Card Signed, to theatrical bookseller Barry Duncan, in folder containing newspaper cuttings, a programme, and copies of his letters to her.

Moira Lister [ Moira Lister de Gachassin-Lafite, Vicomtesse d’Orthez ] (1923-2007), South African film and theatre actress
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Two of Lister's letters her 'Moira Lister' letteread and one on 'Vicomtesse d'Orthez' letterhead. Most from 31 Cadogan Square, London. Between 1955 and 1961. Cuttings from between 1947 and 1971.

The thirty-six items in the folder are in good condition, with light signs of age. ONE: Six Autograph Letters Signed, one Typed Letter Signed, and one Autograph Card Signed. All signed 'Moira Lister' except the last communication, the card, which is signed 'Moira d'Orthez'. With four stamped envelopes, addressed to Duncan at his bookshop in St Martin's Court. A courteous and businesslike correspondence, firmly parrying Duncan's efforts at greater familiarity. The first letter, typed, is dated 8 March 1955, and relates to the sale of books.

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