[Edward Lowbury, physician and poet.] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'Edward') to the playwright Christopher Fry, regarding various topics including his poetry and Fry's praise of it.

Edward Lowbury [Edward Joseph Lister Lowbury] (1913-2007), physician, bacteriologist, pathologist and poet [Christopher Fry ()1907-2005), playwright; Andrew Young (1885-1971), Scottish poet]
Publication details: 
Both letters on letterheads of 79 Vernon Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham; 24 September 1969 and 24 November 1987.

Both items in good condition, lightly aged, as is an enclosure to the second letter, a photocopy of Lowbury's pamphlet 'A Letter from Hampstead'. ONE: 24 September 1969. 2pp, 12mo. In envelope addressed to Fry at his East Dean home The Toft. He is grateful for Fry's letter praising his collection of poems 'Figures of Light'.

[ Seth Lister Mosley, Yorkshire naturalist. ] Autograph Letter Signed, regarding his plan to employ 'over 100 Board School Children' in 'Natural History Observations', and a natural history periodical 'got up & printed' by his children.

S. L. Mosley [ Seth Lister Mosley ] (1847-1929), Yorkshire naturalist, curator of the Huddersfield Technical College Museum, Keighley Museum, Tolson Memorial Museum
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the Huddersfield Naturalist Society. Huddersfield, 10 November 1885.

2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged. An attractive letterhead, with lithographed engravings along the head of 'Argonauta Argo', 'Melanippe Hastata' and 'Veronica Officinalis'. A vigorous letter, the recipient of which is not named. He begins by stating that he has 'handed the two “Garners” to our Society'. He has 'for some time had a Phen. Sta. here (Beaumont Park Museum) & should be glad to work in co-operation with others.

[ Sir Anthony Morgan, English army officer and Commonwealth politician. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Ant: Morgan') to Sir John Maynard, regarding the petition of 'Capt Ed: Lister & Joan his wife'.

Sir Anthony Morgan (1621-1668), English army officer and Commonwealth politician, confidante of Oliver Cromwell, with interest in Irish affairs [ Sir John Maynard (1604-1690), lawyer and politician ]
Publication details: 
'At ye Comttee of Pt sitting in ye Inner Court of Wards this 24th 10r 1656'.

1p., 8vo. Bifolium. Addressed, on reverse of second leaf, with seal in red wax, 'for Serieant Maynard | at his Chamber at ye Temple or elswhere'. In good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, with outer cover somewhat discoloured. He states that, as Maynard is 'a party concernd in ye Petn of Capt Ed: Lister & Joan his wife', he is desired by the committee to 'meet them in ye Inner Court of Wards' on the following Friday, 'to ye end you may not be concluded unheard'.

[ Sir George Cornewall Lewis, Liberal politician. ] Commencement of Autograph Letter to Lady Monteagle, expressing his distress and that of his wife [ over a death in her family ].

[ Sir George Cornewall Lewis (1806-1863), Liberal politician and Chancellor of the Exchequer. ] [ Marianne, Lady Monteagle, wife of Thomas Spring Rice (1790-1866), 1st Baron Monteagle of Brandon ]
Publication details: 
Grove Mill, Watford, Hertfordshire. No date.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium with mourning border. Ends abruptly at the end of the fourth page, and without signature. For the period an unusually frank expression of distress, apparently over the death of his wife's elder daughter He thanks her for calling on him with books - 'when you so kindly came to that House though I had intended so very much to see you I felt all my courage fail - & that I s[houl]d. only distress you & do myself harm if I saw you'.

[ Moira Lister, film and theatre actress. ] Seven Signed Letters (six in Autograph) and one Autograph Card Signed, to theatrical bookseller Barry Duncan, in folder containing newspaper cuttings, a programme, and copies of his letters to her.

Moira Lister [ Moira Lister de Gachassin-Lafite, Vicomtesse d’Orthez ] (1923-2007), South African film and theatre actress
Publication details: 
Two of Lister's letters her 'Moira Lister' letteread and one on 'Vicomtesse d'Orthez' letterhead. Most from 31 Cadogan Square, London. Between 1955 and 1961. Cuttings from between 1947 and 1971.

The thirty-six items in the folder are in good condition, with light signs of age. ONE: Six Autograph Letters Signed, one Typed Letter Signed, and one Autograph Card Signed. All signed 'Moira Lister' except the last communication, the card, which is signed 'Moira d'Orthez'. With four stamped envelopes, addressed to Duncan at his bookshop in St Martin's Court. A courteous and businesslike correspondence, firmly parrying Duncan's efforts at greater familiarity. The first letter, typed, is dated 8 March 1955, and relates to the sale of books.

[ Lady Maria Theresa Lewis, author. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('M Theresa Lewis') to Sir George Scharf.

Lady Maria Theresa Lewis [née Villiers] (1803-1865), author, wife of Thomas Henry Lister and George Cornewall Lewis [ Sir George Scharf (1820-1895), Director, National Portrait Gallery ]
Publication details: 
Lathom House [Lancashire]. 22 November 1861.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly-aged. She is out of town, and Scharf's letter has followed her to Cheshire and Lancashire, and she is sending a letter of introduction to Lord Essex, whom she hopes will 'afford you every facility in your interesting pursuits'. She is flattered 'at the manner in which you always speak of my Grove Catalogue - it was a great pleasure to me & I much regret that other duties & occupations have prevented me for a time from continuing my Biographies'. She concludes by wishing him 'every success in your Blenheim Catalogue'.

Two Typed Letters Signed to J. Samson, Assistant Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, together with unsigned carbon copies of three letters from Samson to Morgan.

Walter Thomas James Morgan
Publication details: 
Morgan's letters: 31 July 1964 and 20 November 1967, both on Lister Institute letterheads; Samson's carbon copies: 22 July and 5 August 1964 and 31 October 1967, none with place.

British biochemist (1900-2003), Director of the Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine, London, 1972-5. All five items one page, quarto, and all five very good and stapled together by year. Correspondence for 1964 begins with Samson inviting Morgan to deliver a lecture in the Society's forthcoming session 'on the science and practice of immunology', and giving details of the requirements. Morgan declines, 'as my special studies and experiences have been almost entirely concerned with the more chemical aspects of the subject'.

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