[Dudley Moore, comedian and jazz musician, interviewed by Les Tomkins for 'Crescendo'.] Typescript of 'The Serious Side of Dudley Moore', with second part ('More Music and Moore'), gig review, and carbon of Tomkins letter to editor Victor Graham.

Dudley Moore, comedian and musician, half of the 'Pete and Dud' duo with Peter Cook; Les Tomkins, Features Editor of the jazz music magazine 'Crescendo'
Publication details: 
The interview appeared in the July and August 1966 numbers of 'Crescendo' magazine [London].

The interview was published in two numbers of 'Crescendo' ('The world's most authoritative music magazine', founded 1962). The first part, retitled 'Music & Moore | Les Tomkins interviews “The Genuine Dud”' – was the leading article (pp.18-19) of the July 1966 number of ), with Moore featuring on the cover. The second part was published in the following number, August 1966, pp.18-19 and 25. Four items, all in good condition, with light aging. ONE: Carbon typescript of first part of interview, with title (replaced on publication): 'The Serious Side of Dudley Moore | A Les Tomkins Interview'.

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