[ Edward Churton (1800-1874), Hispanist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Edw. Churton') to an unnamed party

Edward Churton, Archdeacon of Cleveland, and Hispanist
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'Crayke nr. Easingwold. | Feb. 29. 1868.'

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. He has 'dutifully employed a portion of this odd [last word underlined] day in the year' looking over his accounts, and finds that his 'Subscription for last Year to the Ch[urch]. Build[in]g. Soc[iet]y. was not paid'. He thinks the former local secretary for the area has retired, 'or has left off reminding the Subscribers when their Subsc[riptio]ns. become due'. He encloses 'what is meant to represent' his subscriptions for the present and previous years.

Autograph Letter Signed to unnamed male correspondent.

Rt Revd Edward Churton (1800-1874), Archdeacon of Cleveland [The Oxford Movement]
Publication details: 
1 May 1861; 'Crayke nr. Easingwold'.

One page, 12mo. Good, on grey paper and with the merest trace of cream mount adhering to blank reverse. The previous month he received 'an engraved Circular' from his correspondent, from which he now quotes a passage stating that his subscription of a guinea [to the Church Institution] is due. 'I have no recollection of having ever promised a subscription to the Institution referred to.

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