[William Frederick Wyndham, diplomat.] Autograph Memorandum Signed (W Wyndham | His Majestys Envoy Extra at the Court of Tuscany'), with seal, to Italian document signed by Lorenzo Fabbrucci, Cammillo Cateni and Giovanni Gualberto Uccelli.

William Frederick Wyndham (1763-1828), British envoy to the Court of Tuscany, son of 2nd and father of 4th Earl of Egremont; Cammillo di Paolo Cateni; Giovanni Gualberto Uccelli; Lorenzo Fabbrucci
Publication details: 
From Florence. Wyndham's memorandum signed 13 January 1800; the Italian text 2 January 1800.

2pp, 8vo. On first leaf of bifolium. Text complete and clearly legible, on aged and worn paper. The first page is begins with text in the hand of Cammillo Cateni, headed 'Adì 2 Gennaio 1800', written on behalf of Cateni and Giovanni Gualterro Uccelli, 'Medici filii di questa Citta di Firenze', attesting the signature of 'la Siga. Angiola Lucchi'.

[George Wyndham, 3rd Earl of Egremont, art collector.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Egremont') to Rev. J. Austen, explaining how he has lost £21000 owing to misrepresentation by Sir John Riddell, and discussing the state of the money market.

Lord Egremont [George O'Brien Wyndham, 3rd Earl of Egremont] (1751-1837) of Petworth House, art collector and connoisseur, patron of J. M. W. Turner, agriculturalist, philanthropist [Rev. J. Austen]
Publication details: 
7 January 1828. Petworth.

2pp, 4to. Bifolium. Franked in the usual manner 'Egremont', with postmark and broken seal in red wax, on reverse of second leaf, and addressed: 'Petworth Jany. Seventh 1828 | The Revd: J. Austen | Ockham | Ripley | Surrey'. An interesting letter, casting light on personal financial affairs in late-Georgian England. The letter has been forwarded by the recipient Austen to the individual who is clearly 'the Gentleman' referred to in it, addressed by Austen on the recto of the second leaf, with Ripley postmark, as 'John Smallpeice Esqr | Guildford'.

[Letter from William Hayley ('Blake's Hayley') to Miss Harriet Poole of Chichester, franked by the Earl of Egremont.] Unsigned Autograph letter from Hayley to 'Miss Poole' regarding 'the Sheffield Travellers'. Franked 'Egremont'.

William Hayley (1745-1820), English author, friend of William Cowper and William Blake; George Wyndham (1751-1837), 3rd Earl of Egremont [Miss Harriet Poole of Chichester]
Publication details: 
London. 3 February 1795.

1p., 4to. In fair condition, lightly aged. Franked on the other side, with broken seal in red wax and postmark: 'London Feby: the 3 1795 | Miss Poole | Chichester | Egremont'. Unsigned, and in Hayley's untidy hand. Reads: 'Tuesday | 5 oclock | I have not been able to call on the Sheffield Travellers today but having caught a Frank from my noble Friend of Petworth I will dispatch my Servant without losing another post | adio'. Hayley later introduced his friend Miss Harriet Poole (‘the Lady of Lavant’) to William Blake, who would join him on visits to her villa in Lavant.

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