Autograph Letter Signed to 'Mr. Nunnez'.

Elinor Glyn [born Elinor Sutherland] (1864-1943), English novelist
Publication details: 
15 March [docketed 1936]; on letterhead of 11 Connaught Place, London W.2.

8vo, 2 pp. Very good. She has been recovering from influenza at Brighton. 'I think your Paper is going on Splendidly [last word underlined] & I am so glad! [last two words underlined]'. 'Yes, isnt Margaret Ettinger a charming Creature! She told me you had talked together of me'. Asks for Ettinger's address. 'How's the home? - how's the charming wife? - & when shall we discuss the affairs of the world, the flesh, & the devil?!' She is well, 'all but my knee, which has been behaving like an ungrateful child'.

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