[ Kathleen Parlow, Canadian violinist, 'The Lady with the Golden Bow'. ] Autograph Signature with a few bars of sheet music in autograph.

Kathleen Parlow (1890-1963), musical prodigy known as 'The Canadian Violinist' and 'The Lady with the Golden Bow'
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'Meldreth. September 1923 -'.

On one side of an 8 x 13 cm piece of unprinted white card. Two bars of music in her hand, followed by the word 'etc.' Beneath this, in a clear, firm hand: 'Yours very sincerely | Kathleen Parlow | Meldreth. September 1923 -'.

[A.J. Kempe, antiquary] Autograph Letter Signed "A.J. Kempe" to John Gough Nichols, printer and antiquary.

A.J. Kempe [Alfred John Kempe (1785?–1846)], antiquary.
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New Kent Road, [London], 5 Aug. 1831

Three pages, 12mo, grubby, one or two letters obscured by marking, essentially readable as follows: He thanks him for "kind attention" and is ory "that you have had the trouble of sending a second time. I sent the MS. with a view of sparing you a second message by the hands of Mr. Bradley Sent. who was passing your House this afternoon. The Archery business shall be attended to when I return from my short excursion. I do not know the Book you mention but the 'Boweman's Glory' published by Waring of the Archery Warehouse near Bedford Square is an excellent compilation.

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Mr. Nunnez'.

Elinor Glyn [born Elinor Sutherland] (1864-1943), English novelist
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15 March [docketed 1936]; on letterhead of 11 Connaught Place, London W.2.

8vo, 2 pp. Very good. She has been recovering from influenza at Brighton. 'I think your Paper is going on Splendidly [last word underlined] & I am so glad! [last two words underlined]'. 'Yes, isnt Margaret Ettinger a charming Creature! She told me you had talked together of me'. Asks for Ettinger's address. 'How's the home? - how's the charming wife? - & when shall we discuss the affairs of the world, the flesh, & the devil?!' She is well, 'all but my knee, which has been behaving like an ungrateful child'.

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