[Commander Stephen King-Hall's propaganda battle with Joseph Goebbels.] Printed pamphlet, in German, a letter from King-Hall to 'Lieber deutschen Leser', ridiculing Hitler, Goebbels and the Nazis. With contemporary English translation.

Stephen King-Hall [William Stephen Richard King-Hall, Baron King-Hall] (1893-1966), writer, politician, naval officer, propagandist
Publication details: 
[London, 1939.] Letter dated from 162 Buckingham Palace Road, London, S.W.1. Slug: 'L.C.P. - 5404'.

The present item is part of a propaganda battle between King-Hall and Goebbels. The only other copy of the item located is at the German National Library, King-Hall having 'contrived to infiltrate', as his Oxford DNB entry has it, this 'German version' of his 'King-Hall News Letter' to 'individuals in the Reich, provoking a vehement reaction from Goebbels and Hitler himself'. See also the article in Time magazine, 7 August 1939: 'Last week all Europe was excited about the propaganda battle between England's Commander Stephen King-Hall and Germany's Paul Joseph Goebbels (TIME, July 31).

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