[ Lucien Jeorgeaguet, Parisian porcelain [porcelaine] decorator. ] Collection of source material, including original drawings (some coloured) and photographs. Included among the drawings are two signed by 'Alice Mattei | pour Delvaux'.

Lucien Jeorgeaguet, Parisian porcelain decorator [ Alice Mattei; Delvaux ]
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With label addressed to 'Mr JEORGEAGUET Lucien | Décorateur Porcelaine | 48 Rue de Pixérecourt | PARIS XXe Gr 14'. Mattei's drawings dated February and March 1961. Also a bill dated 24 November 1970. The other material from around the same time.

53 items, in remains of folder with 'Documents Modèles' in manuscript on cover. In fair condition, with light signs of age and wear. Mainly comprising tracings and drawings (some coloured) of designs (both original and copied from historical items), in pencil, pen and watercolour, including some on pages torn from notebooks, some of them annotated in French. Mattei's two coloured drawings show bold floral designs for teacups and saucers. Also present is a series of versions of a playing-card design. There are also eleven black and white photographs of pots, vases and snuffboxes.

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