Letter Signed "W. Sidney Smith" to unnamed correspondent(s)

Admiral Sir [William] Sidney Smith, hero of Acre
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Paris, 12 April 1817.

Letter in copperplate signed by Smith and with the subscription (corrected) in his hand, three pages, folio, chipped, edges dingy, tear on fold of bifoliate, some marking, but minimal loss of text which is legible. He is promoting the "enlightened and benevolent views of the Chevalier Jullien towards the establishment and developement [sic, indicating a French writer?] of the most improved and simpmlified methods of Education". He hopes that he can persuade his correspondent to promote Jullien's system.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Jas. Millar') from James Millar, Assistant Secretary, British and Foreign School Society, a letter of introduction in English for Captain Walter Bromley to Marc-Antoine Jullien fils, editor of the Revue Encyclopedique,

James Millar, Assistant Secretary, The British and Foreign Schools Society [Marc-Antoine Jullien fils (1775-1848), editor of the Revue Encyclopedique; Captain Walter Bromley (1775-1838)]
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London, 7 September 1826.

2pp., 4to. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Addressed to 'Mons. Marc Julien [sic] | Redacteur de la Revue Encyclopedique &c &c'.Jullien's address has been added in another hand: 'Rue d'Enfer St. Michel No. 18'. The first paragraph reads: 'Dear Sir | I have the pleasure to introduce to you Captn. Bromley, who is a zealous advocate of the cause of general Education, & who is visiting Paris for a short time. He will deliver you a Copy of the 21st. Report of the B. & F.

Autograph Letter Signed from Jeremy Bentham's amanuensis Richard Doane to the French revolutionary Marc-Antoine Jullien at Paris, conveying information about Bentham, the Earl of Shelburne and E. Dumont; with list of works sent to Jullien by Bentham.

Richard Doane (1805-1848), barrister and amanuensis and editor of Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832); Marc-Antoine Jullien (1775-1848), protégé of Robespierre; Pierre Étienne Louis Dumont (1759-1829)]
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Queen's Square Place, Westminster; 14 November 1825.

2pp., 4to. Bifolium. Good, on lightly-aged paper, with thin strip from mount adhering to margin of verso of second leaf, which is addressed to 'Mr. M. A. Jullien de Paris.' Printed slip from nineteenth-centrury catalogue describing the item laid down on first leaf. Doane begins 'My dear Sir, | Through the medium of M. George (whom I have had the pleasure of seeing since I wrote you last) I send de la part de M. Bentham the following works'. A list of thirteen items follows, from 'Christomathia 2 vols' to 'European Magazine for April 1823'. 'Those which are marked thus * Mr. B. wd.

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