[ Australia; John Ticehurst, harpsichordist, war hero. ] Typescript of article 'Harpsichordist to Australia', giving an account of his 1951/2 tour to Australia. With photograph label regarding an Adelaide Town Hall recital, and concert programme.

John Ticehurst (1895-1975), harpsichordist and recipient of the Military Cross
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Ticehurst's account without date or place, but referring to a tour of Australia, April 1951 to February 1952.

Michael Howard's obituary of Ticehurst in The Times, 30 October 1975, describes him as 'a persuasive pioneer among those who sought to reestablish the harpsichord as a serious musical instrument'. ONE: Carbon typescript, 7pp., 4to. Headed 'Harpsichord to Australia | by John Ticehurst.' With a few minor manuscript marks. In autograph next to the title: 'April 1951/Feb 1952'. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with slight rust staining from paperclip.

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