[Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing.] Autograph address to Rev. Jervis Trigge Giffard, from front of envelope. With note on reverse relating to provenance.

Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), founder of modern nursing [Jervis Trigge Giffard]
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Without place or date [circa 1876].

On panel torn from front of envelope. In fair condition, lightly aged, with one closed tear affecting the word 'Jervis'. The address reads: 'The Revd. | Jervis T. Giffard | Long Ditton Rectory | Kingston on Thames'. Above this in pencil: 'Florence Nightingale's writing'. In pen on reverse: 'Miss Nightingale's writing given to me by Mrs. Moggridge in /76'. Beside this in pencil: 'Mr. Giffards daughter'. In early life Giffard studied medicine in Paris. He is said to have been a positive influence on Nightingale in her childhood.

Legal manuscript, signed by the three parties, entitled 'Messrs. Alfred Riehl and W. F. Mohr to W. E. Page Esqre. Agreement for Sale of a Share of certain Royalties arising from Patent applied for and now known as the Boran Lamp'.

Alfred Riehl; William Frederick Mohr, Electric Lamp Merchants; William Edwin Page [the Boran Lamp; Edwardian inventions, patents]
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On three pages of a foolscap bifolium, supplied by J. Warner & Co., Law Stationer of New Oxford Street, ruled and with red borders. Good, on lightly stained paper. On 25 July 1912 Mohr and Friedrich Hansen 'made an application for a Patent for an improvement in the process of the manufacture of a filament for an electric incandescent lamp (at present known as the "Boran Lamp") accompanied by a complete specification at the Patent Office', but the application has not yet been accepted.

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