[Sir J. B. Lawes and Sir J. H. Gilbert, agricultural scientists.] Three printed works: 'Report of Experiments on the Growth of Wheat', presentation copy; 'The Effect of Different Manures'; 'On the Chemistry of the Feeding of Animals', by Lawes alone.

J. B. Lawes and J. H. Gilbert [Sir John Bennet Lawes (1814-1900) and Sir Joseph Henry Gilbert (1817-1901), agricultural scientists] [Royal Agricultural Society of England; Royal Dublin Society]
Publication details: 
First two: [Royal Agricultural Society of England.] London: Printed by W. Clowes and Sons, Stamford Street, and Charing Cross. 1863 and 1864. Third: [Royal Dublin Society.]: Dublin: Printed at the University Press, by M. H. Gill. 1864.

See the entries on the two men in the Oxford DNB. In an impressive description of their joint achievements, the entry on Gilbert describes his association with Lawes as 'one of the longest and most productive scientific partnerships on record [...] In agricultural circles their names are for ever linked'. The first two items are in uniform light-blue printed card covers; the last is of similar appearance, in printed card covers of the same colour. In good condition, lightly aged.

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