[ Lilias Ashworth Hallett, suffragette. ] Conclusion of a letter [ to Mr Hunt ], signed 'Lilias S Ashworth'

Lilias Ashworth Hallett [ born Lilias Sophia Ashworth; Lilias S. Ashworth ] (1844-1922), prominent member of the suffragette organisation the Women's Social and Political Union, niece of John Bright
Publication details: 
Lacking details of place or date, but written (from Bath?) before her marriage in 1877.

2pp., 16mo. The last leaf of a letter. In fair condition, lightly aged. Begins with reference to the payment of a subscription to 'the Society'. Continues: 'You must indeed have enjoyed your tour in the Black Forest. We are hoping to go to the South of France next month for a few weeks as we have not ben a journey all this year. I hope you and Mrs. Hunt will give us the pleasure of seeing you here if ever you come to Bath. My sister joins me in kindest regards'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('L. Homburger'), in English, from the French linguist Lilias Homburger to the Cambridge anthropologist J. H. Driberg, discussing the difficulties arising from mixing anthropology and linguistics, with reference to Africa.

Lilias Homburger (1880-1969), French linguist, authority on African languages [Jack Herbert Driberg (1888-1946), social anthropologist]
Publication details: 
Written from 'London Tuesday [no date]', giving the French address as '98 rue de la Tour | Paris | 16e'.

2pp., 12mo. 28 lines. In fair condition, on aged high-acidity paper. Homburger begins by thanking Driberg for his 'papers' and expressing pleasure at their meeting. He encloses 'a list [not present] of feila words (just a few typical) and a draft of my paper not complete nor absolutely definite but which will shew you that I have pretty sound basis for my ideas as to the sénégalais nilotique.' 'Great difficulties', he considers, 'have arisen [...] from mixing anthropologie [sic] & linguistics.

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