[ Angler and Flyfisherman, Austin Ridsdale of Mickley and Masham, Yorkshire; Manuscript. ] Autograph Notebook, filled with seasonal directions for making Wet Flies for Fishing (some invented by Ridsdale himself), with diagrams and illustrations.

Austin Ridsdale [ Austin Cuthbert Ridsdale ] (d.1983) of Mickley and Aldburgh, Masham, near Ripon, Yorkshire, angler and fly-fisherman
Publication details: 
Contained in a 'Boots Home Diary and Ladies' Note Book' for 1931. [ 1930s to circa 1950s. ]

Entries are written haphazardly at different times, on around 140pp. of a 12mo Boots 'Home Diary for 1931'. The volume is worn and shaken: a clear testimony to many years of field use. At the start the owner is named as 'Austin Ridsdale' of 'Mickley Ripon, Yorks'. This would appear to be an early address. A loosely-inserted envelope with a 1947 postmark is addressed to 'Mr & Mrs A Ridsdale | Aldburgh | Masham | Ripon'. The handwriting, workmanlike at best, varies from entry to entry. The volume constitutes a repository of a countryman's knowledge in the field of fly-fishing.

[ Francis Cudworth Masham, Accountant-General to the Court of Chancery. ] Autograph Signature ('F C Masham | Acct General') on part of Treasury receipt.

Francis Cudworth Masham (1686-1731), Accountant-General to the Court of Chancery, son of John Locke's friend and pupil Damaris Masham, Lady Masham (1658-1708)
Publication details: 
[ Treasury, London. ] 4 September 1728.

On 17 x 18.5cm. piece of paper. In fair condition, on aged paper. The signature (beneath the words '4 Sept. 1728 | Recd in full', in another hand) is on the reverse of part of a printed Treasury document, completed in manuscript, recording payment to 'Francis Cudworth Masham Esqr. Accountant General to the Court of Chancery', 'in Repayment of Loan on the Seventeenth 4s. Aid, Ano 1727'.

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