[Thomas Brassey, civil engineer who transformed the world's railways.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Thomas Brassey'), asking [Charles Manby] to 'obtain permission to erect a Window to Joseph Locke in Westminster Abbey', like that to Robert Stephenson.

Thomas Brassey (1805-1870), civil engineer associated with railway projects [Joseph Locke (1805-1859) and Charles Manby (1804-1884), civil engineers; Westminster Abbey; Robert Stephenson]
Publication details: 
27 June 1862. 56 Lowndes Square [London].

See the entries for Brassey and Locke in Oxford DNB. By the time of his death Brassey is said to have built a twentieth of the world's railways. Locke worked with Stephenson and Brunel. 3pp, 12mo. Bifolium with mourning border. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded twice. Endorsed three times. While the recipient is not named, one of the endorsements, on the reverse of the second leaf, reads: 'Locke Memorial | Thos. Brassey asking Mr Manby to obtain permission to erect a window in Westminster Abbey.' The letter begins: 'My Dear Sir, | It would be most gratifying to Mrs.

[ Francis Cudworth Masham, Accountant-General to the Court of Chancery. ] Autograph Signature ('F C Masham | Acct General') on part of Treasury receipt.

Francis Cudworth Masham (1686-1731), Accountant-General to the Court of Chancery, son of John Locke's friend and pupil Damaris Masham, Lady Masham (1658-1708)
Publication details: 
[ Treasury, London. ] 4 September 1728.

On 17 x 18.5cm. piece of paper. In fair condition, on aged paper. The signature (beneath the words '4 Sept. 1728 | Recd in full', in another hand) is on the reverse of part of a printed Treasury document, completed in manuscript, recording payment to 'Francis Cudworth Masham Esqr. Accountant General to the Court of Chancery', 'in Repayment of Loan on the Seventeenth 4s. Aid, Ano 1727'.

[ Awnsham Churchill and Edward Clarke of Chipley, John Locke's associates. ] Printed Exchequer receipt, completed in manuscript, and signed by the bookseller 'A. Churchill' and witnessed by radical MP 'E Clarke'.

Awnsham Churchill (1658-1728), bookseller at The Black Swan, Paternoster Row, London, Whig member of parliament, publisher and friend of John Locke; Edward Clarke (1650-1710) of Chipley ]
Publication details: 
[ Her Majesty's Receipt of Exchequer, London. ] 28 June 1715.

1p., 8vo. On aged paper worn at head. Customary printed Exchequer receipt, completed in manuscript, headed (manuscript text in square brackets): 'Annuities, 3700l. per Week. | Record' [19 Janu. 1715]'. Calculations in right-hand margin and clerical sign on reverse. Recording the payment by Sir Richard Onslow of £100 to 'Awnsham Churchill Attorney for mr ffra: Bennett & for selfe'.

[ William King-Noel, 1st Earl of Lovelace. ] Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'Lovelace'), the first two to S[eymou]r Teulon of Limpsfield, and the third to the man's Member of Parliament, P. L. L. King, justifying his actions.

William King-Noel (1805-1893), 1st Earl of Lovelace, scientist and Fellow of the Royal Society, husband of Lord Byron's daughter Augusta Ada (1815-1852), Countess of Lovelace [ Peter John Locke King ]
Publication details: 
One from 6 Great Cumberland Place [ London]. Two on letterheads of East Horsley Tower. [ 1852 ], 1853 and 1854.

The three items in good condition, lightly aged. The first two with mourning borders (for his wife, who had died in 1852). Lovelace's handwriting is idiosyncratic. ONE: 12 February [1852]. From 6 Great Cumberland Place. 1p., 16mo. Acknowledging receipt of 'a memorial from certain inhabitants of Limpsfield, as well as the letter of Mr. Elliott'. TWO: 9 January 1853. 1p., 12mo. Stating that he has 'felt it inexpedient to comply with the requisition transmitted to me in February last'. THREE: 30 July 1854. 1p., 4to. Addressed to King as 'Dear Locke'.

[ Vivian Locke Ellis, Georgian poet. ] Unpublished typescript of anthology titled 'The Desert Minstrel and Other Poems', and containing pieces dedicated to Edward Thomas, Walter de la Mare and Arnold Vincent Bowen.

Vivian Locke Ellis (1878-1950), Georgian poet [ Edward Thomas; Walter de la Mare; Arnold Vincent Bowen; Richard Percival Lister; The Saturdays, London literary society ]
Publication details: 
Typed label on inside cover: 'Vivian Locke Ellis, | The Grange, | Selsfield, | By East Grinstead, | Sussex. England' Undated [circa 1947]

[4] + 74pp., 4to. On 78 pieces of paper, bound with metal clasp in blue card folder, with white paper label with title on front cover ('THE DESERT MINSTREL | AND | OTHER POEMS | BY | VINCENT LOCKE ELLIS') and second label with address on inside front cover. In good condition, lightly-aged, in aged and worn folder. In worn manila envelope, with note by R. P. Lister (see below) reading: 'Typescript of collection of poems (unpublished) by Vivian Locke Ellis'. Three-page 'Index' gives the titles of the 69 poems, beginning with 'To W. de la M. [i.e. Walter de la Mare] from V. L.

Manuscript copy of letter from William Lock to Alexander Murray, complaining from Italy about the result of the sale of his books and prints, discussing his estate, and planning the sale by Sotheby of his own paintings and those of Henry Fuseli.

William Lock (1767-1847), painter, son of the connoisseur William Lock [Locke] (1732-1810) of Norbury Park, Surrey [Henry Fuseli; Samuel Sotheby; Alexander Murray; John Julius Angerstein]
Publication details: 
2 June 1821. Florence, Casa Quaratesi, Piazza Ognissanti.

1p., 4to. Neatly written out in a contemporary hand (presumably the recipient's), with 'Copy' at the head. In very good condition, on lightly-aged laid paper with watermark of 'W D WELLS'. Signature transcribed as 'Wm. Lock'. Lock has just received Murray's letter of 18 May, 'giving me an Account of the Sales of my Books and Prints which is so much below what I had reason to expect, that I must beg you to apply only One thousand to the Payment of my Debt to my Fathers Executors'.

[Pamphlet] Six Dialogues touching the Nature of Man

[Charles Daman, clergyman, tutor in Classics at Oxford University]
 Six Dialogues touching the Nature of Man
Publication details: 
Oxford: Printed and Published by J. Vincent, 1836 ["and Published" excised]
 Six Dialogues touching the Nature of Man

34pp., 8vo, disbound, small closed tears on title (= first page), mainly good condition. P.[19] half-title "Two other dialogues touching the nature of man". Ownership inscription, illegible name, "University Coll". Preface signed "B.A." Ascribed to Charles Daman ihn COPAC entry for Bristol and BL copies. Scarce: COPAC also lists the Bodleian copy. WorldCat also lists Yael and Chicago copies. COPAC lists one other title under Daman's name, "Ten letters introductory to college residence" (1848)

A small collections of letters to Robert Cole, and related notes and printed material.

Robert Cole, antiquary and autograph (and manuscript)-collector of note.
Publication details: 
Various places, 1856-1860.

The material is loosely sewn together and not bound, much marking and chipping but little textual loss. There is an interchange of information, the main drive being antiquarian material concerning Sir Michael Stanhope, however remote the connection, some elicited by a request for information in "Notes & Queries".Twenty-one autograph letters, most extensive, signed from antiquaries, many distinguished: Robert Lemon, archivist (DNB) (1), George R. Corner, antiquary (DNB) (9), "Mr Sage" (enclosed in letter from King - and TO H.W. King - but signature cut off: "E.J.

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