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[ Sir James Knowles, Victorian architect and journalist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('James Knowles') to Sir J. D. Rees, on his article on 'Hindoo marriages' and marriage of 'Loder' [Lord Wakehurst] and 'Lady Louise' [Lady Louise de Vere Beauclerk].

Sir James Knowles [ Sir James Thomas Knowles ] (1831-1908), Victorian architect and journalist, editor of 'The Nineteenth Century' [ Sir John David Rees (1854-1922), colonial administrator ]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Queen Anne's Lodge, St. James's Park, S.W. [ London ] 17 October 1890.

For information on Knowles see his entry in the Oxford DNB, and Priscilla Metcalfe's monograph (OUP, 1980). 1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. The handwriting is not entirely straightforward. He sends 'a thousand thanks' for Rees's 'admirable' article 'on Hindoo marriages', for which he is enclosing a cheque for twenty pounds. He hopes Rees approves of the title.

[ Pamphlet. ] The Rise of English Democracy.

William M. Thompson of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law
Publication details: 
'London: Published by William Reeves, 185, Fleet Street, E.C. Where may be had Books and Pamphlets on Social and Political Questions.' Undated [ circa 1890 ].

24pp., 12mo. Disbound without covers. In fair condition, on aged paper, with slight damage at margin of title leaf. He concludes by reviewing the events of the previous four years: 'From one end of the country to the other the workers have been in a state of ferment. Great and numerous strikes have taken place. For the first time a National Strike Federation has been attempted, and with gratifying evidences of success. Our relations with the workers abroad have become closer and more cordial. Slowly and painfully the son of man has been marching to victory.

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