Holograph poem (signed 'Julia S. H. Pardoe') by Julia Pardoe, apparently unpublished, beginning 'Fairyland! Fairyland! | That must be a pleasant spot'.

Julia Pardoe [Julia S. H. Pardoe] (c.1804-1862), English poet, novelist, historian and traveller, author of 'The City of the Sultan' (1836) and 'The Beauties of the Bosphorus' (1839)
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Without place or date.

1p., landscape 16mo (8.5 x 13 cm). Good, on aged paper, with blank second leaf of bifolium bearing evidence of previous mounting. The poem is neatly written out, in a sensitive hand, and is eight lines long: 'Fairyland! Fairyland! | That must be a pleasant spot: | Silver rippled over the strand, | Murmurs in each cave & grot, | Jewelled fruits upon the trees, | Music floating on the air, | Perfumes breathing on the breeze -, | How I wish that I was there! | [signed] Julia S. H. Pardoe'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('J. S. H. Pardoe') from the novelist Julia Pardoe to 'Mrs. Cooper', describing a 'severe accident' met with by her parents.

Julia Pardoe [J. S. H. Pardoe; Julia Sophia Pardoe] (1804-1862), English novelist and poet, best-known for her accounts of her travels in the Ottoman Empire
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13 Upper Eaton Street, London; 'Wednesday' [no date, but before 1849].

3pp., 16mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper. She begins: 'I am sure you wil grieve to hear that my dear Parents have met with a severe accident, altho', thank God! we have every cause to hope that there wil be no latent results. They were knocked down by a horse, in attempting to avoid an Omnibus: both are cut on the head, & Mama is much bruised in several places.' 'Quiet and care' will restore them, she trusts. Her mother has asked her to write, as it will be impossible for her parents to keep the dinner engagement with Mrs Cooper.

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