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[ Albert Howe Lybyer, presentation copy of offprint. ] Constantinople as Capital of the Ottoman Empire.

Albert Howe Lybyer, Professor of History in the University of Illinois [ Rev. Robert Frew ]
Publication details: 
Washington: Government Printing Office, 1919. [ 'Reprinted from the Annual Report of the American Historical Association for 1916, Volum I, pages 371-388.' ]

[4] + [18 pages paginated 371-388], 8vo. Stitched, in grey printed wraps. Aged and worn, with some light damp staining. Faded ink inscription at head of front cover: 'Rev. Robert Frew | with compliments | Alb. Lybyer'. Scarce.

[ Mehmed Fuad Pacha, statesman in the Ottoman Empire. ] Autograph Signature ('Mehmed Pacha').

Mehmed Pacha [ Mehmed Fuad Pacha (Pasha) ] (1814-1869), statesman in the Ottoman Empire
Publication details: 
Without date or place.

On irregular strip of paper, roughly 1.5 x 4 cm. in dimensions. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper. The son of a noted poet, Pacha began his career as a translator, before serving as a diplomat. He was instrumental in reforming the Tanzimat, and was an ardent Anglophile.

[Lord Edwin Hill-Trevor, MP for County Down.] Autograph Letter Signed ('AEHT') to his son George Edwyn Hill-Trevor, writing from the House of Commons on the day the British Fleet sailed for Turkish waters during the Anglo-Russian crisis.

Lord Edwin Hill-Trevor [Lord Arthur Edwin Hill-Trevor] (1819-1894) of Brynkinallt, Denbighshire, MP for County Down, 1845-1880 [his second son George Edwyn Hill-Trevor (b.1859); Russo-Turkish War]
Publication details: 
On embossed House of Commons letterhead. 8 February 1878.

2pp., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. An interesting letter from a senior Conservative politician during Disraeli's second government, written on the day the British fleet set sail for Turkish waters, with war between Great Britain and Russia appearing imminent. (Tensions between the two countries had been increasing during the course of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878, and the fleet would anchor off Constantinople, which the Russians threatened to occupy.) The letter begins: 'My dear George | We divided last night contrary to all Expectation.

Holograph poem (signed 'Julia S. H. Pardoe') by Julia Pardoe, apparently unpublished, beginning 'Fairyland! Fairyland! | That must be a pleasant spot'.

Julia Pardoe [Julia S. H. Pardoe] (c.1804-1862), English poet, novelist, historian and traveller, author of 'The City of the Sultan' (1836) and 'The Beauties of the Bosphorus' (1839)
Publication details: 
Without place or date.

1p., landscape 16mo (8.5 x 13 cm). Good, on aged paper, with blank second leaf of bifolium bearing evidence of previous mounting. The poem is neatly written out, in a sensitive hand, and is eight lines long: 'Fairyland! Fairyland! | That must be a pleasant spot: | Silver rippled over the strand, | Murmurs in each cave & grot, | Jewelled fruits upon the trees, | Music floating on the air, | Perfumes breathing on the breeze -, | How I wish that I was there! | [signed] Julia S. H. Pardoe'.

Autograph Letter Signed to James Finn.

Stratford Canning
Publication details: 
25 September 1867; Westbrook.

Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe, British diplomat (1786-1880; DNB), for many years Ambassador to the Sublime Porte. The recipient, James Finn (died 1872), was British consul at Jerusalem from 1849–1858. 2 pages, 16mo. In good condition. He has sent his correspondent's 'memorandum respecting Abyssinia' to Lord Stanley, 'who is a better judge than I can presume to be of any advantage which might result from putting into practice the suggestions it contains'. He has 'a due sense of the confidence you have shewn me'. Signed 'Stratford de R.'

Autograph Letter Signed to Sir John Goodricke, Bart, diplomat (see DNB)

George Maddison, diplomat.
Publication details: 
The Hague, 22 June 1773.

Two pages, 4to, vestiges of seals, small sections cut out of conjoint blank (probably postal features) which has address panel as follows: "A Monsieur /[france / Hamburg?] / Monsieur le Chevalier Goodricke, / Envoye Extraordinaire & Plenipotent[iar]y / de Sa Majeste Britannique / Stockholm." Address page has the contemporary note (Goodricke's hand) concerning date received "Recd 2d July 1773 / Answered same day." Additonal pencil notes add that Maddison was "Under Secretary at the Foreign Office", information repeated in anothe pencil note which adds that he was under Sir Joseph Yorke,

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dr Scott'.

Walter Baring
Publication details: 
18 January 1874; Constantinople.

Diplomat (1844-1915) and scion of the banking house. 4 pages, 8vo. Paper discoloured and grubby, but in good condition generally. He says he 'was on the other side of the Bosphorous' the day before, and so 'was unable to answer your letter by Austrian mail as I should otherwise have done'. He is sorry that Scott 'should have had any trouble about the cheque': he omitted to go through his account. He presents another cheque (not enclosed) for £4 18s 6d as he is going to ask Scott to make another payment.

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