[Nina, Duchess of Hamilton, as Chairman of the Abyssinian Relief Appeal.] Typed Letter Signed expressing thanks for a contribution, together with two circulars in the form of facsimiles of Typed Letters Signed, including one after Haile Selassie’s de

Nina, Duchess of Hamilton [Nina Mary Benita Douglas-Hamilton, Duchess of Hamilton; née Nina Mary Benita Poore] (1878-1951)], Scottish aristocrat and animal rights activist [Abyssinian Relief Appeal]
Publication details: 
ALS undated; facsimiles dated 1 and 14 May 1936. All three items on the letterhead of the Abyssinian Relief Appeal, St. Stephen’s House, Westminster, London, S.W.1. (‘Chairman / THE DUCHESS OF HAMILTON AND BRANDON’)

The Duchess’s entry in the Oxford DNB does not mention her work for the Appeal. The three items are from the papers of Rev. A. H. Sayers of Monmouth, a leading member of the League of Nations Union, and from a reference in the first of the two circulars it is clear that the material present here was targeted at members of the clergy. All three items 1p, 4to. In fair condition, lightly aged, with slight rust spotting from paperclip. ONE: ALS, undated. With signature ‘Nina Hamilton’ (much larger than the facsimile signatures to Items Two and Three). Clearly a form letter.

[Henry Blanc, M.D., captive in Abyssinia] Signature with subscription of letter "H. Blanc"

Henry Blanc, author of "A narrative of captivity in Abyssinia : with some account of the late emperor Theodore, his country and people" (1868
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No place or date surviving.

Piece of paper cut from letter, c.10 x 3.5cm, good condiiton. Part of text, posibly about travels, survives on verso, "town incur such a large [expenditure?] - on such a secondary question as good drinking water. I told him we would [word lost] him, his action being". On the recto, the subscription reads, "my [wife?] yours in kindest regards | Sincere [?] | H Blanc".

[Major Douglas Thomson, Commissioner of Port Sudan.] Five Autograph Letters Signed (two each 'Douglas Thomson' and 'Douglas') one to Gladys and four to his sister, including three written from the Sudan and one from Abyssinia.

Major Douglas Thomson, Commissioner of Port Sudan, 1926-1932; appointed as Settlement Officer for Assyrians by the Iraqi government, 1933
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One: Minton, Essex. 18 July 1909. Two: Blue Nile, Lake Tana, Abyssinia. 4 March 1916. Three: Roseires [Sudan]. 31 May 1917. Four: on letterhead of Roseires, Sennar Province, Sudan. 19 November 1917. Five: Simkat [Sudan]. 28 September 1920.

The five items are in good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. ONE: To Gladys. 2pp., 16mo. Bifolium. Giving personal news. TWO: 2pp., 8vo. He describes matters at Lake Tana: 'At present we are stuck here while the Engineers do their part of the work. I had rather thought as had Pearson that he & I would have to do some travelling round to see various people & give them their presents but the A[byssinian]'s are very suspicious towards us like anything, & they dont want us to separate at all.

Autograph Letter Signed to James Finn.

Stratford Canning
Publication details: 
25 September 1867; Westbrook.

Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe, British diplomat (1786-1880; DNB), for many years Ambassador to the Sublime Porte. The recipient, James Finn (died 1872), was British consul at Jerusalem from 1849–1858. 2 pages, 16mo. In good condition. He has sent his correspondent's 'memorandum respecting Abyssinia' to Lord Stanley, 'who is a better judge than I can presume to be of any advantage which might result from putting into practice the suggestions it contains'. He has 'a due sense of the confidence you have shewn me'. Signed 'Stratford de R.'

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