[ William John Charles Pitcher Wilhelm, costume designer.] Illustrations of costumes for the Empire Theatre ballet 'The Press' (1898), each representing a Fleet Street newspaper.

[ William John Charles Pitcher Wilhelm (1858-1925), costume and theatre designer; Empire Theatre, London; Leopold Wenzel; Katti Lanner; Dame Adeline Genée (1878-1970), ballet dancer; Fleet Street ]
Publication details: 
Without place or date. [ Ballet performed at the Empire Theatre, London in 1898.]

In black and white on 34 x 23 cm shiny art paper. Possibly extracted from an unnamed periodical. Lightly aged and worn, and ruckled from being laid down on paper backing. Tiny chip lost at foot. Sixteen female figures are shown, in costumes representing newspapers from the 'Daily Mail' to 'The Sketch', and including 'Mdlle. Zangfretta as Fashion', around a central representation of a scene from the ballet, featuring Adeline Genée as the Liberty of the Press.

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