[ Printed cinema programme, illustrated with photographs. ] G. B. Samuelson's Dramatic Spectacle | The Game of Life By Lauri Wylie & G. B. Samuelson.

The Samuelson Film Manufacturing Co., Ltd., London [ Lauri Wylie (1880-1951) and G. B. Samuelson (1889-1947); Isleworth Studios; West End Cinema, Coventry Street, London ]
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World's Rights Owned and Controlled by The Samuelson Film Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 28 Denmark Street, Charing Cross Road, London, W.C.2. [ 1922 ]

8pp., 4to. Stapled in coloured wraps. A frail survival, aged and worn with closed tears. The front cover has the words 'The Game of Life' printed in large gothic type over an illustration of a tapestry. The title page carries the motto: 'The Picture that makes the Dimples to catch the Tears'. There is a long poem of the same title on the second page, and the third page carries the 'Argument' of the film by Walter G. Summers. There is a cast list on the fourth page, and pages five to eight tell 'The Story. There are nine black and white illustrations.

Autograph Letter Signed to Sonnenschein.

James Samuelson, editor of 'Subjects of the Day' [George Routledge & Sons Limited; William Swan Sonnenschein [Stallybrass] (1855-1934), publisher]
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22 September 1890; Trevenna, Grosvenor Road, on letterhead of 'GEORGE ROUTLEDGE & SONS LIMITED | "SUBJECTS OF THE DAY." | (EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT.)'

8vo, 1 p. Good, on lightly-aged paper. In response to a 'kind note', Samuelson informs Sonnenschein that 'the next number of our Review, which will appear shortly, is to deal with the Irish question'. He has 'a very copious list of publications' and although he would have welcomed Sonnenschein's assistance, he hardly thinks it is worth his while at the present time to trouble himself over the matter, 'for reasons which I will explain to you some day'.

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