[ Artur Schnabel, Austrian pianist and composer; and Léon Goossens, oboist and member of a celebrated English family of musicians. ]

Artur Schnabel (1882-1951), Austrian pianist and composer; Léon Goossens [ Léon Jean Goossens ] (1897-1988), oboist and member of a celebrated English family of musicians
Publication details: 
Goossens' signature [ from Aberdeen ], 1934; Schnabel's signature without place, 19 October 1934.

The two signatories sign on separate sides of a 13.5 x 16.5 cm leaf of faded pink paper torn from an autograph album. In good condition, lightly aged. Schnabel's large firm signature is on the recto: 'Artur Schnabel | 19. X. 1934'. Goossens signs in a large bold hand on the reverse: 'Yours sincerely | Léon Goossens | 1934'. A small photographic portrait of Goossens, cut from a newspaper, has been tipped-in at bottom left, and another party (presumably the recipient) has written the word 'ABERDEEN.' at bottom right.

Manuscript Signed Indenture Mortgage and Surrender of Leasehold premises 'Between Louis Schnabel of No.79 North End Croydon [...] Watchmaker [...] and Alfred Marden Nicoll of No. 8 Surrey View Villas Ross Road Wallington [...] Painter and Decorator'

Alfred Marden Nicoll; Louis Schabel [Croydon, Surrey], watchmaker.
Publication details: 
Mortgage dated 3 April 1891; Surrender dated 6 May 1898.

Seven pages. On four skins of vellum, each roughly eleven inches by nine wide. Attached with green ribbon, and with various stamps and two wax seals. Good: lightly aged and creased. The premises are at 77 and 79 North End, Croydon.

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