Delicate pen drawing of a carved inscription in Ancient Greek set into an outside wall with foliage, above a drinking fountain of a carved face and conch, depicting a feature of Villa Crawford. and presumably made by F. Marion Crawford himself.

F. Marion Crawford [Francis Marion Crawford] (1864-1909), American author [Villa Crawford (formerly Villa Renzi), Sant' Agnello di Sorrento, Italy]
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On letterhead of Villa Crawford, Sant' Agnello di Sorrento. [1890s?]

12, 1p. On bifolium. In black ink over pencil. Very good, on lighly-aged paper. Presumably a representation of the Roman wall fountain which could be seen when looking down from Crawford's bedroom at the Villa. The present item consists of a pen drawing, roughy 18 x 9 cm., covering the left hand side of a letterhead (the printed address being in the top right-hand corner). The drawing is detailed and attractive, in a late nineteenth-century style, showing a four-line inscription in Ancient Greek on a tablet set into the wall above the drinking fountain.

Eight Typed Letters Signed from Axel Munthe, author of 'The Story of San Michele', written in a charming and entertaining style to his young friend 'Miss Judith' - Judith Masefield, daughter of the English poet laureate John Masefield.

Axel Munthe [Axel Martin Fredrik Munthe] (1857-1949), Swedish physician and author of 'The Story of San Michele' [Judith Masefield (1904-1988), daughter of the Poet Laureate John Masefield]
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Written from Italy and London in 1930 and (perhaps) 1931.

'The Story of San Michele' is one of the most popular works of the twentieth century, and this delightful correspondence bears ample testimony to the extraordinary allure of its author. The eight letters are entirely legible, in fair condition on aged paper. They total 3 pp in folio, and 8 pp in 4to. The sequence is tentative, none of the letters giving the year. The numerous errors, in large part due to Munthe's growing blindness, are largely unnoticed in the following transcripts. Letter One (2 pp, 4to). 'Rome Villa Svezia Via Aldrovandi 27 Feb 8 [1930]'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Rennell Rodd') to Harold Crawford (b.1888), son of Harold Marion-Crawford (d.1909).

James Rennell Rodd, 1st Baron Rennell (1858-1941), British diplomat and classical scholar
Publication details: 
20 February [1902], on embossed letterhead of the British Embassy, Rome.

12mo: 2 pp. Eleven lines of text. Very good. Having just received it from London, Rodd is sending Crawford the book he could not get in Rome which he wanted to send him as a birthday present. 'It is written by a great friend of mine who knows better than any one the history of the first voyages to America and the discovery of the Great Southern Sea. I think you will like it.' In an envelope, on aged paper, with postmarks and Italian postage stamp. Addressed to 'Harold Crawford, Villa Crawford, St Agnello di Sorrento'.

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