[ College of Aeronautics, Cranfield. ] 'Secret' typed thesis, with 71 diagrams, on the interception of atomic bombers, titled 'Turning Performance and Manoeuvrability of Aircraft at Supersonic Speeds by Lieutenant (E) R. A. Langley, Royal Navy'.

Lieut-Commander R. A. Langley, Royal Navy [ College of Aeronautics, Cranfield; Nuclear War; Atomic Weapons ]
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The College of Aeronautics, Cranfield. May 1952.

The problem with which the thesis deals is summed up at the start: 'If war broke out in the near future, attack by atomic bombers would become an immediate possibility, and one of the biggest problems would be the defence of this Island, which, with its areas of dense population, particularly around its essential industries, would present many ideal targets to the enemy. It would, therefore, be essential to destroy, or attempt to destroy, each enemy bomber before it reached the coast.

Seven Autograph Letters Signed, one Letter in a secretarial hand Signed, and two Typed Letters Signed to Sir Henry Truman Wood, Secretary, Society of Arts.

Fritz Bernhard Behr [High-Speed Mono-Rail System]
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February to November 1901; all on letterhead '5, Queen Anne's Gate, | London, S.W.'

Anglo-German engineer (1842-1927), who administered 'a portion of the conquered territory for the German Government' following the Franco-Prussian War, and who, following his naturalisation as a British citizen in 1876, 'invented practically the mono-rail, now known as the High Speed Mono-Rail System, and obtained two acts of Parliament for the construction of the Manchester and Liverpool Electric Express Railway in 1901 and 1902' ('Who was Who'). No items by this important figure are present in the British Library Department of Manuscripts.

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