[Sir Henry Halford and Sir Matthew John Tierney, royal physicians.] Autograph Note Signed by the two men, announcing that George IV 'is not able to receive company at the Drawing Room' due to 'an attack of the Gout'.

Sir Henry Halford (1766-1844), physician to George III, George IV, William IV and the young Victoria; Sir Matthew John Tierney (1776-1845), Irish surgeon, physician to George IV and William IV
Publication details: 
Carlton Palace [London]. 23 April 1823.

1p, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with strip of paper from mount on reverse, which also has another strip of paper strengthening a crease. The document is written out by Halford, with Tierney signing beneath his signature. A general announcement, with no recipient named. Reads: 'The King is not able to receive company at the Drawing Room to day – His Majesty having experienced an attack of the Gout in the night. | Carlton Palace | April 23. 1823 - | Henry Halford | Matthew John Tierney'.

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