Collection of 25 items relating to the letter-cutter and typographer David Kindersley, collected by his biographer Montague Shaw, including pamphlets, keepsakes, brochure (some Eric Gill items), Autograph Letters Signed from Kindersley and his wife.

David Kindersley [David Guy Barnabas Kindersley] (1915-1995), letter cutter and alphabet designer; his third wife Lida Kindersley (b. 1955) [Cardozo Kindersley; Montague Shaw; Helen Annis; Eric Gill]
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1985-1997; most items sent from 152 Victoria Road, Cambridge [David Kindersley's Workshop; Cambridge Supervision; Cardozo Kindersley Editions].
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An interesting assemblage of twenty-six items relating to a leading figure in twentieth-century British typography and design. David Kindersley's best-known work (in conjunction with his third wife Lida) is the iconic gates to the British Library at Euston. The collection is in very good condition. Among the items are three booklets, four keepsakes, one brochure, and ten letters and cards. ONE. Copy of David Kindersley's book 'Eric Gill, Further Thoughts by an Apprentice (London: The Wynkyn de Worde Society, 1982). 12mo, xii + [iv] + 24. Finely printed in green printed wraps. Very good. Illustrated. Incorporates Kindersley's 'Mr. Eric Gill' (1967). TWO. Copy of 'David Kindersley 1915-1995 Mr Eric Gill Letters to an Apprentice' (Cambridge: Cardozo Kindersley, 2 October 1995). 4to, 24 pp. In original wraps with photographic portraits of Kindersley on front and back. Illustrated. Very good. THREE. 'The Cardozo Kindersley Workshop. A Guide to commissioning work' by Lida Lopes Cardozo (Cambridge: Cardozo Kindersley, 1996). 12mo, vi + 42 pp. In printed wraps. Numerous colour illustrations. Good, with one corner slightly bumped. FOUR. Keepsake announcing the birth of Paul David Cardozo Kindersley, 1 July 1985. FIVE. Christmas keepsake celebrating the birth of Hallam Jacob Cardozo Kindersley, 9 December 1986, and the marriage of David and Lida Kindersley, 17 November 1986: 'A MARRY X MAS AND A HALLAM NEW YEAR'. SIX. Typographic 1996 Christmas card, with message 'This year we are celebrating 50 years since David Kindersley started this workshop'. Signed by Lida Kindersley and several others. SEVEN. Undated Autograph Letter Signed by Kindersley, as 'David & Lida', to Shaw, on 'the letterhead for the Company [i.e. Cambridge Supervision] - it was designed by Lida & set by Supervision'. Folio, 1 p. He hopes that Shaw 'won't feel like re-writing the whole article after you have read the Brochure!' EIGHT. The 'Brochure' referred to in Item Seven: 'Cambridge SuperVision. Logos. A revolutionary advance in the art of typesetting'. Folio, 8 pp. On a single piece of card folded three times. 'Logos is a method for alphabet spacing which can be applied to any computer photosetting system and to any alphabet.' NINE. Sample of 'Chapter VI The Procrustean Bed Pages 91 & 92' of Eric Gill's 'An Essay on Typography', printed 'Using the revolutionary Logos method of spacing'. Folio, 4 pp. Bifolium on grey paper. 'Set in 20.5 pt Galliard by Cambridge SuperVision Ltd'. TEN. Autograph Letter Signed by Kindersley, as 'David & Lida', to Shaw and his partner Dr Helen Annis. 17 October 1985; on letterhead of Cambridge Supervision. Folio, 1 p. He has 'just put down the beastly instrument', writes that he and Lida enjoyed the visit of Shaw and Annis, and encloses photographs: 'I hope they will do - otherwise there is always one of Paul'. ELEVEN. Copy of programme booklet for the 'Royal College of Art Convocation Royal Albert Hall Friday 10 July 1987', at which Kindersley was presented as a 'Senior Fellow elect'. With photocopy (4to, 3 pp) of the 'Order of Proceedings', in envelope with DKW compliments slip (red and black on yellow). TWELVE to NINETEEN. Eight communications from Lida Kindersley: four Autograph Letters Signed, three Autograph Cards Signed and one Autograph Note Signed, comprising letter, note and card to Shaw, three letters to Shaw's partner Dr Helen Annis, and two cards jointly to Shaw and Annis. Dating from 1985 (3), 1987 (4) and 1988 (note). Totalling folio, 2 pp; 4to, 4 pp; 12mo, 3 pp; 16mo, 1 p. Accompanied by four colour family photographs. All written from Cambridge (three letters on letterheads of David Kindersley's Workshop, and note on letterhead of Cardozo Kindersley Editions). All but two in envelopes. Written in a calligraphic hand, and two signed with cartoons of cat and bird. Sending family news and discussing work. On 12 December 1985 she writes to Annis praising Shaw's 'splendid piece', which was 'a LOVELY piece - Both correct (one small mistake about a date) & yet full of imagination. I love the little fantasies to make a valid point. Monty should write a book on David'. And on 28 July 1987, she informs Annis that 'David is up & CLEANING! Like the last days of pregnancy, maybe these are the last days of ARTERITIS [sic]. Weak as he may be - & will be for some weeks I'm sure - he is in GREAT spirits!' A card dated 18 November 1987 among the eight accompanies TWENTY, the 'stick-up' of Lida Kindersley's 1987 monograph on the David Kindersley Workshop for the Staatsuitgeverij in the Hague. It is 4to, 49 pp, with an autograph note apologising for sticking two pages in twice. TWENTY-ONE. Autograph Card Signed by Maggie Peek on behalf of Lida Lopes Cardozo, 10 April 1997, enclosing a cheque for royalties on 'David Kindersley - his work and workshop'. In envelope with photograph of Shaw examining a book. TWENTY-TWO. Copy (folio, 4 pp) of typed article by Shaw entitled 'David Kindersley' (referred to in the Lida Kindersley correspondence, above). Can be dated to 1985 from the opening sentence. 'David Kindersley has a cheerful face, a huge friendly beard, a demeanour that belies his seventy years by at least half that number, and, as though to prove the point, a baby son.' Ends with copy of Shaw's signature. TWENTY-THREE. Unsigned copy of Typed Letter from Shaw to Lida Kindersley, 23 September 1987. Folio, 1 p. Complaining forcefully at the 'terms that the Dutch publisher Gaade is offering for our joint Kindersley Workshop book.' 'I was in publishing myself for a long time, and with some old-established and respectable firms before I took to this kind of writing. I am therefore in a strong position to know that Gaade's 5% represents, at the absolute maximum, a half of what we should be paid.' TWENTY-FOUR. Parcel label addressed to Shaw in Kindersley's hand. TWENTY-FIVE. Printed press release (folio, 1 p) by Hermann Zapf, entitled 'A few notes on legibility of Typefaces', 'Cambridge SuperVision Limited Mon 28 Sep 87'. TWENTY-SIX. Small keepsake 'Limerick for Lida's last lunch as 1989 Chairman'.