[ The English garden. ] Manuscript plan of unnamed garden, with bloom calendar table showing the blooming patterns of more than a hundred flowers.

[ The English garden; gardening; ecology ]
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Place not stated [ England ]. 1928.
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The table or bloom calendar is in a makeshift table, ruled out in pencil over 2pp., folio. It is in poor condition, heavily-aged, divided into two sections along central horizontal fold line, and with slight loss to text from chipping. Headed '1928', the table has columns for each month from January to December, with the time during which the various flowers are in bloom blocked out for a list of around 115 flowers, in chronological order with the earliest blooming first, from snowdrops, crocuses, pansies, forget me nots, tulips, to asters, sunflowers, phloxes, gaillardia, Barr's pink, japonica, grey lady, heather shades, little boy blue, little pink lady. The plan of the unnamed garden is 1p., folio, in smilar aged condition to the table, with chipping and a long closed tear along the central horizontal fold. Apparently incomplete, it is a simple drawing of the layout in pencil, with dots in ink presumably indicating places of planting. The names of a few plants are written in pencil: 'cerastium aubrictia arabis'. Beneath the plan, in ink: '72 plants on inside edging. 6" apart | 60 plants on second edging 8" apart | 50 [plants on] third [edging] 8" apart | 16 plants on outside border 2" apart'. Perhaps a comparison with the current blooming pattern would be constructive (global warming).