[ 'Engineering', London journal. ] Autograph register of contributions compiled by editor Thomas Walley, in form of table of articles and authors, with meticulous printing and publication details.

Thomas Walley (1872-1947), editor of 'Engineering', London journal founded in 1866 [ Lieut-Col. Percy John Cowan (1876-1954) and Herbert Henry Johnson (c.1875-1957), joint editors ]
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[ London: Engineering. ] Entries dating from 27 November 1925 to 17 January 1934.
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Walley has converted one volume of a printed diary ('The Business Year Book' for 1923, by the R. C. Maxwell Co., Trenton, New Jersey) into a continuous table listing all the articles contributed between 27 November 1925 and 17 January 1934. Entries are compiled with the meticulous attention to detail one would expect from an engineer, giving a range of information including the times of receipt of material to the minute, and even the typeface in which an article was printed. 422pp., 8vo., with printed pagination 308-366 (for printed dates 4 November to 31 December 1922) and 1-363 (for printed dates 1 January to 29 December 1923). Walley has cut into the cover to make windows in which he has inserted the autograph text 'PRIVATE | T. WALLEY' AND 'NOVEMBER 27TH. 1925 | TO | JANUARY 17TH., 1934' (these dates are those of the receipt of an article, not its publication). Internally in fair condition, aged and worn, in worn black cloth binding. Each opening of facing pages has been ruled into a table carrying six articles over nine columns: 'Subject', 'Received from', 'Time & Date' [soon replaced by next but one column], 'Visit. etc', 'Drawings. etc.' [replacing last but one column], 'Handed to', 'No. of Words', 'Proof Rec[eive]d.', 'Proof Ret[urne]d.', 'Published'. A number of abbreviations are employed, including 'P. J. C.' for Lieut-Col. Percy John Cowan, joint editor; 'H. H. J.' for Herbert Henry Johnson (c.1875-1957), joint editor; 'B. I. F.' for the British Industries Fair. Entries rarely have all the columns filled-in. An exception is: '[Subject] Premier Steel Tube Co Ld. 15-19 Kingsway. | Autogenous Foundry & Torch Cutting Mche | [Received from] H. H. J. Oct 31st. 1-50 [i.e. 1.50pm] | [Visit. etc] Called at Kingsway Oct 31st material promised | At Islington Nov 22nd | [Drawings. etc.] Letter & photo, received, Nov. 9th. Illustration received from Mr. Jackson. Nov 21st | [Handed to] Printers. Nov 25th. 10-0. [i.e. 10am] | [No. of Words] 11½” [with '10 ½“ in corner of square, presumably indicating that the article was cut down from 11500 to 10500 words] | [Proof Rec[eive]d.] Nov 26th. 10-40 [i.e. 10.40am] | [Proof Ret[urne]d.] Nov 26th. 3.25. [i.e. 3.25pm] | [Published] Dec 6th. '29 p.753. | Brevier [i.e. typeface] | “Automatic Oxygen-Jet Cutting Machine.” [i.e. published title]'.