[ 'Engineering', London journal. ] Autograph register of contributions compiled by editor Thomas Walley, in form of table of articles and authors, with meticulous printing and publication details.

Thomas Walley (1872-1947), editor of 'Engineering', London journal founded in 1866 [ Lieut-Col. Percy John Cowan (1876-1954) and Herbert Henry Johnson (c.1875-1957), joint editors ]
Publication details: 
[ London: Engineering. ] Entries dating from 27 November 1925 to 17 January 1934.

Walley has converted one volume of a printed diary ('The Business Year Book' for 1923, by the R. C. Maxwell Co., Trenton, New Jersey) into a continuous table listing all the articles contributed between 27 November 1925 and 17 January 1934. Entries are compiled with the meticulous attention to detail one would expect from an engineer, giving a range of information including the times of receipt of material to the minute, and even the typeface in which an article was printed.

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