[Frank Spenlove-Spenlove [John Francis Spenlove-Spenlove], Scottish landscape and figure painter.] Autograph Letter Signed, as principal of ‘ “The Yellow Door” school of modern art’, to ‘Miss Lalonde’, regarding a post card of one of his paintings.

Frank Spenlove-Spenlove [John Francis Spenlove-Spenlove] (1864-1933), Scottish landscape and figure painter, founder and principal of ‘The Yellow Door’ school of art in Beckenham, Kent
Frank Spenlove-Spenlove
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‘The Corner House / 69. Addison Rd. W. / 14.12.10’ [14 December 1910], on his letterhead as principal of ‘ “The Yellow Door” School of Modern Art, Beckenham.
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He styles himslef on the letterhead as ‘Principal - Mr. Frank Spenlove-Spenlove / R.I. R.O.I. R.B.A. R.C.A. R.B.C. F.R.C.S. M.J.S. F.R.S.A.’ Large bold stylized signature. 1p, 8vo. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded twice. Reads: ‘Dear Miss Lalonde / It gives me pleasure to know you appreciate the picture, & I have put my name to your post card as you desire. I only wish the reproduction was more satisfactory! / Yours Sincerely. / Frank . Spenlove . Spenlove’. See Image.