[Frederick Spencer Gore] Anonymous pencil drawing of him painting at an easel.

Frederick Spencer Gore [(26 May 1878 – 27 March 1914) was a British painter of landscapes, music-hall scenes and interiors, usually with single figures.]
Frederick Spencer Gore
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English Camden Town Group Painter (1878-1914). Dimensions seven inches by ten inches. Grubby, but in good condition. From the Mark Bonham Carter collection. Captioned 'Spencer Gore | Freddy', with an arrow pointing to impressionistic representation of figure, nine inches high, of the artist in a suit, with high-collared shirt, holding a palette in his left hand and with his right hand outstretched and painting onto a canvas. Around the figure dabs of watercolour and a representation of a foot. Crude drawing of seascape on reverse. Together with scrap of paper reading 'MR. THEO RAMOS rang a propos Spenser-Gore. [sic] Freddie Gore's no. is 352 . 4940 | Also - Bernard Dunstan 10% is on. (or off?)'. See Image.