Autograph Letter Signed, Autograph Note, and newspaper article.

GEORGE BOOTH HEMING [Goldsmiths' Company; Daily Graphic]
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The note 10 January 1918 and the letter 14 January 1918; both on letterheads of Heming & Co., 28 Conduit St.
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Mayor of Westminster (1858-1938), and prominent member of the Goldsmiths' Company, for whom he established an annual competition for craftsmen and schools in London. All items very good. Both manuscript items bearing the Society's stamp and the note also docketed. THE LETTER (one page, 12mo): 'I shall certainly try to be at the meeting on Feby 27th & will speak if opportunity arises - also will call upon you someday either this or next week.' Signed 'G. Booth Heming'. THE NOTE (one page, 12mo): 'With G. Booth Heming's Compliments.' The newspaper article, indicated in red ink, entitled 'DOING WITHOUT GERMANY. | Commercial Enterprise of the Enemy Worth Studying.' features on a leaf neatly extracted from The Daily Graphic for 29 December 1917. It begins 'Can we do without Germany? Certainly we can! But this sharp, decisive answer does not mean that we can afford to ignore all the good features in the commercial enterprise of our enemy.'