Three Autograph Letters Signed (two 'Eric Broad. | Frederic E Wright.' and one 'Frederic E Wright | Eric Broad.') to W. Kineton Parkes (1865-1938), assistant editor of the journal of the Ruskin Reading Guild, 'Igdrasil'

Eric Broad' (Frederic E. Wright), English poet [W. Kineton Parkes; John Ruskin; William Marwick; the Ruskin Reading Guild]
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20 and 22 January and 3 March 1890; all from Scarsdale, Great Malvern.
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All three items in very good condition. Interesting series of letters by an obscure 1890s poet. Letter One (12mo, 7 pp): Although he realises that some are 'rather poor', he is sending, through his brother (possibly the artist Alan Wright, 1864-1959), 'all the lyrics I have by me': 'I have not had time to "weed" yet, being veryy busily engaged writing lyrics for a Comedy-Opera ['Ethelinda, or a Philanthropic Fad' (1890), on which he collaborated with Hamilton O. Wylde] - & a libretto for Operetta; also been trying my hand at very sensational prose'. He has 'quite forgotten' the poem 'Yesterday': 'There is a lyric in the brown-paper-covered book "But Yesterday" - but I do not know if that is the one.' He will 'submit a Sonnet or something to "Igdrasil" shortly'. He misses 'Comus' (a magazine edited by Parkes, 1888-9): 'as there was always something to attract one in it - more than can be said for most mushroom-papers (do forgive the epithet - it was not intended) of this era'. He has been 'rather shakey', 'suffering with nicotine poisoning of the lower lip'. He is sending Parkes the 'last collection of my verses', entitled 'In Idle Hours' (no copy on COPAC). 'It is coverless - Pardon that - I trust the inside will gain your favour. It is out of print - & only 12 copies were printed. Three on rough-edged paper - others as this one. It is I regret one of the follies of a year past. Cavil not therefore, O Critic - but pity the poor deluded youth!' Letter Two (12mo, 1 p): Parkes's 'friend may like to see the enclosed lyrics [not present] - which I have just written.' Letter Three (12mo, 4 pp): Apologises for asking for the return of his lyrics, 'safe to hand to night'. 'The Composer I sent to however was hard to please: in fact I was unable to do business with him'. He has a 'little collection of Sonnets [...] in the press' (nothing on COPAC under either Broad or Wright). Wonders whether Parkes will 'put the Sonnet "Igdrasil" in the magazine of that name'. 'I suppose "Comus" will appear again "pro bono publico" - I have been writing short stories lately, for which I seem to have a slight gift.' In fact my first was well received by a large firm & I am awaiting further hearing from them.' Hopes he may send 'anything in the poetry-line for insertion in "Igdrasil", as I shall submit nothing but what is worthy of my best attempts'. In a postscript reports that the libretto on which he has been collaborating (see above) is 'now musically complete' and 'on the eve of printing prior to copyrighting. It is of novel & original plot & action.'