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Lord Halifax [Edward Frederick Lindley Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax] (1881-1959), British Conservative politician, Viceroy of India, a principal architect of Appeasement.

[Lord Halifax, architect of appeasement.] Autograph Signature to offprint pamphlet from The Times, printing an address by him at Oxford under the headline ‘A Conflict of Youth / Lord Halifax to Oxford / Evil must be met by force’.

In good condition, lightly-aged. Folded once. Signed at top-right of cover page: ‘Halifax. / March 1940.’ The pamphlet is uncommon; OCLC WorldCat lists eight copies worldwide: including two in Britain and two in America. 4pp, 4to. Bifolium. Text in double column of small print. Not paginated....

Louis de Wohl (born Lajos Theodor Gaspar Adolf Wohl; Ludwig von Wohl) (1903-1961), German-born Catholic author who produced astrological propaganda for MI5 during World War II

[Louis de Wohl, German author who produced astrological propaganda for MI5 during World War II.] Signed Autograph Inscription, with self-penned caricature with stars and caption ‘It’s a good thing to follow one’s stars!’

An attractive item, in good condition, in black ink on 12 cm square piece of paper. A rather good self-caricature, bespectacled, hair swept back, with pursed lips, in right profile, with three stars in front of forehead. Inscription at bottom right: ‘It’s a good thing to follow one’s stars! /...

Literature £75.00 de Wohl
Olga Novikoff [Olga Alekseevna Novikoff] (c.1842-1925), White Russian writer and journalist in Britain, author of ‘The M.P. for Russia’

[Olga Novikoff, White Russian writer and journalist in Britain.] Autograph Signature and valediction from letter.

On 11 x 6 cm piece of paper cut from letter. In good condition, lightly aged. Reads: ‘Yours faithfully / Olga Novikoff.’

Literature £30.00 Novikoff
Oliver Zangwill [Oliver Louis Zangwill] (1913-1987), ‘the Father of British neuropsychology’, Professor of Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge

[Oliver Zangwill, ‘the Father of British neuropsychology’.] Autograph Note Signed (‘Oliver.’) to ‘Bob’, describing steps he has taken and hoping that 'something is done'.

See his entry in the Oxford DNB. 1p, landscape 8vo. In good condition, folded once. Headed ‘Private & Confidential’. Reads: ‘Dear Bob, / I had a word with the V. C [presumably the Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University] this morning and am writing a letter to Sartain, which he should...

Science, Medicine and Technology £50.00 Oliver
Rev. Anthony Egerton Brydges (1802-1849), editor of ‘The Literary Magnet’ with his father Sir Samuel Egerton Brydges] (1762-1837), author, bibliographer and proprietor of the Lee Priory Press

[Rev. Anthony Egerton Brydges, son of Sir Samuel Egerton Brydges, proprietor of the Lee Priory Press.] Autograph Note Signed to John Sainsbury, regarding the ‘black cane’ he left at his house the day before.

1p, 12mo. On bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. Addressed on reverse of second leaf, with minuting and broken seal in red wax, ‘To / John Sainsbury Esqre / 35 Red Lion Square’. Reads: ‘Dear Sir, / It occurs to me that I left my black cane at your house when I was with you yesterday. If...

[Christopher Fry [born Arthur Hammond Harris] (1907-2005), playwright] his brother Charles Leslie Harris (b.1902) [Bedford School]

[Christopher Fry: the schoolboy diaries of his elder brother Charles Leslie Harris.] Four years of diaries, 1916-1919, covering his time at Bedford School.

See Fry’s entry by Michael Billington in the Dictonary of National Biography. His brother survives as a rather shadowy figure: he was certainly alive in 1978, when Fry referred to him in the account of his family background ‘Can You Find Me / A Family History’ (OUP). In that volume Fry describes...

[Fishing.] City of London Piscatorial Society (CLPS), founded in 1902 and one of the oldest angling clubs in England; Walter Westley, Honorary Secretary

[City of London Piscatorial Society.] Autograph Letter Signed from the Honorary Secretary of the CLPS, Walter Westley, with printed booklet of ‘C.L.P.S. / Programme 1935-36’ and application form.

A nice slice of London ephemera. The three items are in good condition, lightly aged. They were clearly all sent together. ONE: ALS from Westley (‘W. Westley | Hon. Sec.’) to unnamed recipient. 2pp, 12mo. In answer to an application he is sending ‘one New Programme showing Waters &c’,...

[Motorcycle Speedway] Norman Parker (1908-1999), captain of the Wimbledon Dons; his rider George ‘Huck’ Fynn (b.1922), Australian speedway rider

[Motorcycle Speedway.] Publicity photos, each signed by the subject, of Norman Parker, captain of the Wimbledon Dons, and his rider George ‘Huck’ Fynn.

Parker was with the Wimbledon Dons between 1945 and 1953, during which time he won three national trophies (1950, 1951 and 1953). He also rode in several World Finals. Fynn came over to Britain from Australia, and Speedway Star, 7 May 2022, contains a biographical feature, with photograph, on...

Social history £56.00 Motor bikes
[Pantomime Dame.] Alwyn D. Fox, actor-manager of Horsham Repertory Company, the man who discovered Michael Caine

[Pantomime Dame.] Autograph Letter Signed from actor-manager Alwyn D. Fox, announcing that he is ‘free for Dame for coming season pants’, and giving his credentials for playing the part.

See Michael Caine’s affectionate account of Fox in ‘The Elephant to Hollywood’ (2010), from which the anecdote at the end of this entry is taken. 1p, 4to. Addressed to ‘Dear Mr. Hindin’, signed ‘Alwyn Fox’ and headed ‘Pantomime - “Dame”.’ While the twenty lines of text are clear and complete,...

[Provincial Georgian Art Connoisseurs: ‘Dr Maddy’, i.e. Edwin Maddy, LLD, Mayor of Gloucester, and W. Hayward]

[Provincial Georgian Art Connoisseurs.] Two Autograph Memoranda, both signed by ‘W. Hayward’, recording an exchange of paintings (by Correggio, Hobbima, Du Jardin, et al) with ‘Dr. Maddy’ [Edwin Maddy, LLD, Mayor of Gloucester].

Interesting artefacts of provincial Georgian connoisseurship and picture dealers. If genuine (unlikely, given the period) the paintings would be of considerable interest. Given the exchange of cash, ‘W. Hayward’ could well be a visiting picture dealer. Both memoranda in good condition, lightly...