[Kenwood House (Iveagh Bequest).] Two printed items: 'London County Council.Order of Proceedings on the occasion of the opening by His Majesty the King [...] of Ken Wood' and 'Preliminary List of Members' of 'Ken Wood Preservation Council'.

Kenwood House; Iveagh Bequest; Ken Wood Preservation Society; London County Council
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'Order of Proceedings' printed by the London County Council on '16.7.25', i.e. 16 July 1925. Ken Wood Preservation Society list without place or date (but also 1925).

Two printed items, both in fair condition, lightly aged and worn. ONE: 'London County Council. Order of Proceedings on the occasion of the opening by His Majesty the King, accompanied by Her Majesty the Queen, of Ken Wood, at 3.30 p.m., On Saturday, 18th July, 1925.' Signed in type at end by Clerk of the Council 'Montagu. H. Cox', at 'The County Hall, | Westminster Bridge, S.E.1. | 18th July, 1925.' 7 + [2]pp, 12mo. Stitched pamphlet with one loose leaf. The text begins: 'His Majesty, accompanied by Her Majesty, will leave Buckingham Palace attended by members of the household-in-waiting.

Printed 'Memorandum on Programme of the Visit of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, K.G., to Sierra Leone on 6th & 7th April 1925.'

Visit of the Prince of Wales [later King Edward VIII] to Sierra Leone, 1925 [Alexander Howard Ross (1880-1965), Commissioner, Southern Province of Sierra Leone, 1920-1928]
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[Freetown, Sierra Leone?] '437-150. 14-3-25. [i.e. 14 March 1925]'.

21pp., 12mo. Printed with blue ink on cream paper. Saddle-stitched with blue ribbon, in light blue printed wraps. In fair condition, aged, worn and lightly creased. An interesting document, providing local information and casting light on the protocol of a Royal Visit. The document begins: '6th April. | I. 9.05 a.m. H.E. the Governor leaves Government House, accompanied by Staff, and drives to Government Wharf. | 9.10 a.m. The Governor, Mr. Basevi and Lieutenant Harrison embark on the Governor's Barge from the Eastern Jetty. By permission of Commander Geary Hill a launch from H.M.S.

Under Southern Skies. A series of articles conveying the impressions of the writer during the course of a visit to Australia and New Zealand as a member of the Imperial Press Conference, 1925.

J. W. Dafoe [John Wesley Dafoe], Editor-in-Chief, Manitoba Free Press [Australia; New Zealand]
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Winnipeg, Canada: The Free Press. ['Reprinted in order as they appeared from day to day on the editorial page of the Manitoba Free Press, November, 1925'.]

8vo: [iv] + 43 pp. Stapled pamphlet. Inscribed at head of title 'With regards | J W Dafoe'. Text clear and complete. On grubby, aged paper, with wear to outer leaves. An introduction explains that of the seventeen articles, 'the first seven [...] are merely comments on certain aspects of the New Zealand scene as they appeared to a passer-by', while 'the ten articles devoted to Australia deal with the same subject from various angles. They constitute an attempt at a study of Australia's political developments in the social and economic field.' No copy in the British Library or on COPAC.

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