[ Poor Law Amendment Act, 1834. ] 30 documents (20 printed and 10 in manuscript) relating to the Old or Wold Parish, Brixworth Union, Northants, including forms, notrices, returns, correspondence.

Brixworth Union, Northamptonshire, Old or Wold Parish; Rev. Richard Harington; Poor Law Amendment Act, 1834; J. G. S. Lefevre, T. F. Lewis and G. Nicholls; Richard Earle ]
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The Poor Law Commission for England and Wales, London. Old or Wold Parish, Brixworth Union, Northamptonshire. Dating from between 1835 and 1840.

30 documents, 20 printed and 10 in manuscript. In good overall condition, on aged paper, with slight wear to some items. A significant and interesting collection, from the papers of Rev. Richard Harington (1800-1853, later Principal of Brasenose College, Oxford), Guardian of the Poor in the Parish of Old or Wold, Brixworth Union, Northamptonshire.

[ Printed item. ] Annual Circular To the Churchwardens, Overseers, and other Officers required to account for the Expenditure of Poor Rates. 1840.

Edwin Chadwick, Secretary, Poor Law Commission [ London ]
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Poor Law Commission Office, Somerset House [ London ]. 1840. [ 'By Authority: - J. Hartnell, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street.' ]

7pp., folio. An unbound and unopened half-sheet. Facsimile of Chadwick's signature at end. An interesting document, in twenty-six numbered sections, laying out the duties of the parish officers with regard auditing of the quarterly Poor Rates accounts.

[Women's suffrage; printed handbill] Pamphlet headed 'Married Women's Property Committee', containing transcript of letter from Secretary Elizabeth C. Wolstenholme and 'Directions for preparing a Petition to the House of Commons'.

Mary C. Wolstenholme, Secretary, Married Women's Property Committee [John Hinde Palmer; female suffrage; Victorian feminism]
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[Married Women's Property Committee.]

[2]p., 8vo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly-aged, disbound. Wolstenholme's letter, dated '63, FINBOROUGH ROAD, S.W., | February 15th, 1873.', on the recto of the first leaf; and the 'DIRECTIONS' on the recto of the second. The letter begins: 'The "Married Women's Property Act (1870) Amendment Bill" No. I, introduced by Mr. Hinde Palmer, stands as the first order of the day for Wednesday next, the 19th inst., and will, if it passes the second reading on that day, be put down for committee on Friday, the 21st inst.' No copy traced, either on COPAC or on OCLC WorldCat.

[Female suffrage; printed pamphlet.] Speech of the Right Hon. Lord Coleridge in the House of Lords on the Married Women's Property Act (1870) Amendment Bill, June 21st, 1877.

Lord Coleridge [John Duke Coleridge (1820-1894), 1st Baron Coleridge] [Married Women's Property Committee; Alexander Ireland, Manchester printer]
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Printed for the Married Women's Property Committee. Printed by A. Ireland & Co., Pall Mall, Manchester. 1877.

12pp., 8vo. In good condition, lightly-aged, no wraps, disbound. Only one copy on COPAC, at the London School of Economics, and none on OCLC WorldCat.

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