[Robert M. Young, historian of science] Autograph Manuscript cum typescript of early draft with multiple annotations of his Mind, Brain and Adaptation in the Nineteenth Century: Cerebral Localization and its biological Context from Gall to Ferrier

Robert M. Young [Robert Maxwell Young (1935 – 2019), American-born historian of science specialising in the 19th century and particularly Darwinian thought].
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A Dissertation Submitted in Candidature for an Unofficial Fellowship to King's College, Cambridge, 1963.

Binding black (Instantaneous Binder), 4to, good condition, pagination roughly (added notes intervene) as follows: Prelims inc. Contents, 4pp, in pencil inc. titlepage; Preface 13pp, pencil; Summary of Ph.D. Dissertation, two pp. typescript; MS Note for typist; Body of Text, typescript, pp.[1]-59, annotated often heavily in pencil (pages added with extra information); [a second part] Titlepage Experimental Sensory Motor Physiology and the Association Psychology Koyre to Descartes; Body of Text, pp.

[Thomas Henry Huxley's first defence of Darwinism.] Printed article titled: 'Time and Life: Mr. Darwin's "Origin of Species." | By Professor Huxley, F.R.S.'

T. H. Huxley [Thomas Henry Huxley]; Charles Darwin; Darwinism; Darwinian controversy; Origin of Species
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[Seven-page article (pp.142-148), extracted from Macmillan's Magazine, London, December 1859 (vol. 1).]

A highly influential article, in which the man who would be nicknamed 'Darwin's Bulldog' fires his opening salvo in the Darwinian controversy. (The article would be followed by a letter to The Times, 26 December 1859.) The seven page article (pp.142-148) is on four leaves, 8vo, extracted from a copy of the December 1859 number of 'Macmillan's Magazine'. Disbound and loose. In good condition, on lightly aged and stained paper.

[ Darwinism and Huxley ] Protoplasm, Powheads, Porwiggles; and the Evolution of the Horse from the Rhinoceros; illustrating Professor Huxley's Scientific Mode of Getting up the Creation and Upsetting Moses.

Anonymous [ John Allan ] Darwinism; Evolution; T.H. Huxley ]
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Aberdeen: A. Brown & Co., Edinburgh & London, 1875.

Sub-title "A Guide for Electors in Choosing Lord Rectors". Pamphlet, [iv].35pp., 8vo, disbound, lacking wraps, minor defects, good condition. Ascribed to a 'John Allan' in COPAC entries. Note: A contribution to the background of Victorian science and Darwin, a lampoon of Huxley when seeking election as Rector of the University of Aberdeen and an attack on Darwinism. Scarce.

[ Evolution; Darwinism ] The Comet: or, Letters to Bon-Accordians &c. [...] No.III. "Creation v. Evolution," &c To The Rev. James Stark, Minister of the Congregational Chapel, Belmont Street, Aberdeen

"Bearing-Rein" [ Robert Beveridge? ][ Rev. James Stark, Minister of the Congregational Chapel, Belmont Street, Aberdeen ].
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Aberdeen: George Middleton and all booksellers [ c.1885 ]

12pp., 8vo, disbound, lacking wraps, sl. grubby, mainly good condition. NO other copy traced on COPAC or WorldCat.

[John Birkbeck Nevins, Consulting Physician to the Stanley Hospital, Liverpool, and anti-Darwinian.] Three autograph chapters presenting the teleological argument, with reference to meteorology, botany and surgery, with emendations and illustrations.

John Birkbeck Nevins (1818-1903), surgeon and zoologist, Consulting Physician to the Stanley Hospital, Liverpool [Charles Darwin; Darwinism; theory of evolution]
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No place or date. [Liverpool, post 1854.]

Nevins was a passionate opponent of Darwinism, and the present item, composed any time after 1854 (the latest date of the various works referred to in the text), reflects the crisis of faith in the period leading up to the publication of the 'Origin of Species'. Nevins would set out his position on 'Natural Selection, Sexual Selection, Evolution' in his 1872 inaugural address as President of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Liverpool (Proceedings, No. 26, 1872, pp.1-26), attacking the 'imperfect and one-sided view' put forward by 'the advocates of man's lowly origins'.

[Huxley] Envelope (ONLY) addressed and signed, "THHuxley", to "Rev. J.D. De la Touche | Stokesay Vicarage | Craven Arms".

T.H. Huxley [Thomas Henry Huxley] (1825-1895), Biologist
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Stamped 'Bournemouth [18]86'.

Small envelope only (no letter!), sl. dingy, with name "Professor Huxlery" written on it twice in another hand. With detail as described above.WITH:unused postcard photgraph of Huxly, head and shoulders.

Autograph Letter Signed to Lewis S. Benjamin.

Leonard Huxley
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3 May 1920; 16 Bracknell Gardens, Hampstead, N.W.3, on letterhead of The Cornhill Magazine, John Murray, 50A Albemarle Street, London, W.1.

English writer and editor (DNB), son of the biologist Thomas Henry Huxley and father of the novelist Aldous Huxley. One page, 8vo, in good condition. Docketed 'not acknowledged'. 'Having secured a clear evening on May 10th I look forward to attending the dinner of the Titmarsh Club, & beg to enclose cheque for my subscription 12/6. I do not propose to bring a guest.'

Autograph note signed to [?] Bowerbank,

Samuel Wilberforce
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April 11 [no year], with letterhead Cuddesdon Palace, Wheatley, Oxon.

Bishop of Oxford (1805-73), celebrated opponent of the theory of evolution, nicknamed for his slippery arguments "Soapy Sam". One page, 12mo, on mourning paper. "I cannot fail to pay the greatest attention to your recommendation of Mr P Chabot". Signed "S Oxon". Minor discolouration to paper.

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