[Thomas Hughes, author of 'Tom Brown's School Days'.] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'Tho. Hughes') to 'Mr. Kynnersley', discussing: meeting Rugby schoolfellow 'Blandford', educating an abandoned boy, his co-operative beliefs, Joseph Chamberlain.

Thomas Hughes (1822-1896), politician and judge, author of 'Tom Brown's School Days'
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ONE: 3 March 1884; 52 Promenade, Southport, Lancashire, on letterhead of the County Courts, Circuit No. 9, Chester. TWO: 30 November 1885. On letterhead of Uffington House, Chester.

Both items in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: 3 March 1884. 1p, 12mo. Addressed to 'Dear Mr. Kynnersley'. Having received Kynnersley's undated letter he writes: 'I shall meet Blandford as you propose on the 11th. with very great pleasure. He was one of the heroes on whom I used to look with awe as a 3rd. form boy in 1834 in which year I joined & he I think left Rugby.' He is sitting at Congleton on the day of the meeting, and 'there is just a chance that some perverse suitor may be in full blast at my train time in which case (as I never leave a cause part heard) I may be late'.

[ John Baldwin Buckstone, actor and playwright? ] Set of manuscript parts for an adaptation of Bulwer-Lytton's 'The Last Days of Pompeii', fifteen of them carrying the name of the actor or actress.

[ John Baldwin Buckstone (1802-1879), English actor and playwright? ] [ The Adelphi Theatre, London ] Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton (1803-1873), English novelist
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[ Adelphi Theatre, London? ] Undated, but some paper with watermarked dates 1837 and 1840.

A total of 97pp., mostly 4to, with a further four slips. Around thirty separate parts, unbound. Written in at least two hands. In fair condition, with light signs of age and wear. Fifteen of the parts (mostly from the first act) carry the name of the actor or actress at the head: 'Mr Bland', 'Mr Jonas', 'Mr. Gray', 'Mr Howard', 'Miss Barratt', 'Mr Webster', 'Mrs Baker', 'Mr Bedford', 'Mr. Lynne', 'Mr F. Lloyd', 'Mr Hailes', 'Mrs Ridgway', 'Mr Ridgway', 'Mr Hailes', 'Mr. P. C'. Bulwer-Lytton's book was published in 1834, and was an enormous success.?>

[Indian Civil Service (British India).] Manuscript book of 'Notes' relating to diplomatic matters and protocol, including personal information on Indian princes, compiled in the final years of the Raj. With associated matter loosely inserted.

[Indian Civil Service; British India; the Raj]
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Compiled between 1935 and 1947. In thumb-indexed 'S.O. Book 129 Indexed. | Code 28-66-0. | G[eorgius]. R[ex]. | Supplied for the Public Service'. '1/35. [i.e. January 1935] D. D. & L.'

42pp., foolscap 8vo. In fair condition, on aged and lightly-worn paper, in worn binding. 'NOTES' and 'D. M. [Diplomatic Mission?]' in manuscript on the front cover. Written in a number of different hands, over a nine-year period, with occasional additions in red ink.

2 Autograph Letters Signed and 1 Typed Letter Signed to Mrs Roscoe.

Mabel Constanduros
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18 April 1944 and 17 April 1945, both handwritten on letterhead 9 Wetherby Gardens, London, S.W.5; typewritten letter of 11 November 1947, on letterhead 10 Egerton Gardens, S.W.3.

Humourist, actress and radio comedienne, originator of the Buggins Family. All three letters are 8vo, and in good condition, but all have damage to one corner caused by rusting paperclip. In the first letter she thanks her correspondent for 'the little books [...] I am a great lover of poetry, and like learning verse by heart. I used to do it in the early days of war to keep myself from worrying too much'. She has visited Stationers' Hall. Letter 2 is a note declining an invitation to a party.

Autograph Signature on fragment of letter.

Sir John Foster Fraser
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Without date or place.

Special parliamentary correspondent, traveller and lecturer (1868-1936; DNB). Dimensions: 2 inches by 4½ inches. In good condition and attached to a sheet of paper docketed: 'Sir John Foster Fraser, Kt., F.R.G.S., F.J.I. | Great Journalist, Traveller, Lecturer. | (Cycled round the world. 19,234 miles in 774 days)'. Signed 'John Foster Fraser' beneath '<...> you. Salaams | Thine gratefully'.

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