[New Zealand; Maoris; Admiral David Robertson-Macdonald.] Autograph transcripts of 3 documents (defence of Kororarika, NZ, against an attack by 'natives' during the Flagstaff War). With 88 (eighty-eight) newspaper obituaries and other biographical matter.

Admiral David Robertson-Macdonald (1817-1910), Scottish Royal Navy officer who served under six sovereigns [his son David Macdonald Robertson-Macdonald (1857-1919)]
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[Edinburgh, Scotland; Kororarika, Nelson and Auckland, New Zealand.] The transcripts, made by the Admiral towards the end of his life, from documents dating from 1845. The newspaper obituaries all dating from 1910. Other matter from 1918.

At the outbreak of the Flagstaff War, Robertson-Macdonald was serving as Commander of HMS Hazard. On 11 March 1845 he was severely wounded while leading the defence of the town of Kororarika (now Russell) from 'the attack of an overwhelming body of natives', resulting in the loss of six of his men. The three transcripts that form Item One below relate to this action, and were presumably made out by the Admiral himself towards the end of his life, in a shaky hand and with a number of errors.

Collection of six items, including publicity material, invoice and receipt, some relating to an order for a house in East Sheen, Surrey.

J. W. Gray & Son, Limited. 'Lightning Conductor Experts. Electrical Engineers. Steeplejacks. Chimney Shaft Builders & Repairers. Church Steeple Restorers. Flagstaff Makers & Erectors.'
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The collection of six items, with an envelope, is in good condition. An interesting sidelight into 1930s business practice, and an insight into an unusual business concern. First, copy of letter, 14 November 1930 (4to: 1 p), to the firm from Percy L. Young of Messrs H. Young & Co. Constructional Engineers, confirming a verbal order 'for the installation and supply of lightning conductors' to 2 Orchard Rise, Sheen Common Drive, East Sheen.

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