[ J.-B. Say. economist ] Autograph Letter Signed "J.B. Say" to "Monsieur George Smith", also an economist(?), in French

Jean-Baptiste Say, French economist (1767-1832)
Publication details: 
Paris, 12 Avril 1821.

Two pages, 8vo, bifolium, closed tear on fold, sl. darkeing at edge, mainly good condition, third page with brief biography of Say in French in another hand, adding presumably about his correspondent (?) that "[Say] se consacra a l'economie politique. Comme Smith, il combattit les prohibitions, les imports de consummation [...]". Fourth page has the correspondent's address in Say's hand, and is docketed with name and date. Text of letter: He initially thanks Smith for his letter to him "qui eleve une question interessante sur le produit qui varie le moins envaleur.

[ W.Langdon-Brown; Regius Prof etc ] Autograph Card Signed "W. Langdon-Brown" "To the Editor of the Cambridge Daily News" [ Morley Stuart]]

W. Langdon-Brown [ Sir Walter Langdon-Brown (1870–1946), medical doctor ]
Publication details: 
[Printed heading with coat of arms] "From the Regius Professor of Physic | University of Cambridge" "Private", 31 Dec. 1934

Card, 11 x 9cm, note on both sides,v estiges of tipping onto album page, very good condition. "As I have reason to believe that there will be an announcement in the Honours List to-morrow [his knighthood] which may be of interest to Cambridge people, I am enclosing some biographical detaiuls from which you can select, should you wish to make a reference to it. I am going to London this afternoon, but should you wish for a photograph, there will be one available at 10 Barton Road." Note: J.M Keynes's uncle among several coonnections.

[ Sir Anthony Morgan, English army officer and Commonwealth politician. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Ant: Morgan') to Sir John Maynard, regarding the petition of 'Capt Ed: Lister & Joan his wife'.

Sir Anthony Morgan (1621-1668), English army officer and Commonwealth politician, confidante of Oliver Cromwell, with interest in Irish affairs [ Sir John Maynard (1604-1690), lawyer and politician ]
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'At ye Comttee of Pt sitting in ye Inner Court of Wards this 24th 10r 1656'.

1p., 8vo. Bifolium. Addressed, on reverse of second leaf, with seal in red wax, 'for Serieant Maynard | at his Chamber at ye Temple or elswhere'. In good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, with outer cover somewhat discoloured. He states that, as Maynard is 'a party concernd in ye Petn of Capt Ed: Lister & Joan his wife', he is desired by the committee to 'meet them in ye Inner Court of Wards' on the following Friday, 'to ye end you may not be concluded unheard'.

[William Maynard, 2nd Baron Maynard.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Maynard') to Sir Richard Bulstrode, expressing puzzlement that his grandson should have visited Brussels without calling upon him, and asking him to show the boy favour.

William Maynard, 2nd Baron Maynard (c.1623-1689) [Sir Richard Bulstrode (1617-1711), British ambassador at Brussels]
Publication details: 
'Windzor' [i.e. the Royal Court at Windsor]. 25 June 1686.

2pp., 12mo. 49 lines of text. Bifolium. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Addressed, on reverse of second leaf (which also carries his seal): 'For Sr Richard Bulstrode | Envoy from his Matie of greate Brittaine Att ye Court | Att Bruxells | these'.

[Roy Harrod] COPY Typed Letters to Lady Violet Bonham-Carter, leading Liberal, friend and biographer of Churchill

Roy Harrod, economist {R.F. Harrod]
Publication details: 
Christ Church, Oxford, (The Royal Ecomomic Society; 51 Campden Hill Square] 12 April and 16 Oct. 1948

Total 6pp., 4to. Headed "COPY" in red, from the papers of Mark Bonham-Carter. LETTER ONE: He is trying to persuade Lady Bonham-Carter that her views of the future of the Liberal Party are valid and should be aired, given her "unique position in British Liberalism". She should not fear dividing the Party because "[he has] come to the regrettable conclusion that there is nothing to divide", and it is necessary to "revive sopme life in Liberalism".He comments on the leadership and individuals (C. Davies, for example) and the low state to which the party has descended.

Autograph Letter Signed to [Morley] Stuart, editor of the Cambridge Daily News.

Florence A. Keynes
Publication details: 
{Headed notepaper-official] The Guildhall, Cambridge, 7 Nov. 1933.

Mother of John Maynard Keynes, sometime Mayor of Cambridge. One page, 4to, minor defects, text clear and complete, as follows: You are really too kind in what you say in this evening's paper - but I do greatly appreciate your good will, & the support you have invariably given me during my year of office. / You & your staff have been of real assistance throughout. Please accept my very warm thanks."

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