[ Hal Collier, Victorian popular dramatist. ] Typescripts, with autograph additions, of three of melodramas: '"In the Hands of the Mormons" Or "The Mormon Peril"; 'The Broken Rosary' and 'The Secret Panel'.

Hal Collier, Victorian popular playwright, author of melodramas
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One play with stamp of 209 Northumberland Road, Southampton, the other two without place. All three undated [ Edwardian ].

Collier was the author of a number of melodramas and farces in the period between the Boer War and the Great War, including one written in conjunction with F. H. Dudley, but little is to be discovered about him, with no mention of these three titles. All three items in fair condition, on aged paper, in aged and worn bindings. ONE: '"In the Hands of the Mormons" Or "The Mormon Peril" A Drama in FOUR acts written by Hal Collier'. [1] + 45pp., 4to. Stitched into grey paper wraps. With pencil emendations throughout, including extensive deletions.

Autograph Note Signed (' "Winifred Graham" | (Mrs. Theodore Cory)') accompanying Typed Letter Signed ('Winifred Cory') to the Rev. E. J. F. Davies.

Winifred Graham (Matilda Winifred Muriel Graham Cory, 1873-1950), author of more than eighty books, and opponent of the Mormon religion
Publication details: 
Both on letterhead 'ST. ALANS, | HAMPTON-ON-THAMES'; both dated 7 January 1931.

Both items one page, 12mo. Both on creased, aged paper, with some paperclip spotting. In the typed letter (which is in slightly worse condition than the other item) she explains that she is enclosing her autograph on a separate sheet. '[I]n case you care to have it My Mother, Mrs. Graham, (I write under my maiden name) thought you might like to have Sir Philip Gibbs' autograph, [^the celebrated author,] so she has asked me to send you a card she received from him the other day. [not present] You certainly have a wonderful collection!' The autograph reads 'Jan: 7th.

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