[Charles Chetwynd-Talbot, 2nd Earl Talbot.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Talbot') to Rev. I. J. Cory of Blithfield

Charles Chetwynd Chetwynd-Talbot, 2nd Earl Talbot (1777-1849) of Ingestre Hall, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland from 1817 to 1821 [Rev. I. J. Cory of Blithfield, Staffordshire]
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Ingestre Hall [Staffordshire], 27 August 1825.

1p., 4to. Bifolium, addressed on reverse of second leaf to 'The Revd Mr Cory | Blithfield'. In good condition, on aged paper, with small closed tear in top left-hand corner. He informs Cory that Lord Bagot and his family will be visiting him, and playfully reminds him: 'You will recollect you owe me a Visit, at least you said you wd. favor me with your Company some day or another - I think you will never find us so pleasant as when surrounded by your excellent Blithfield friends.' He concludes by urging him to 'come & try our Air, which is said to be good'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('John B. Inglis') from the book collector John Bellingham Inglis to Isaac Preston Cory of Caius College, Cambridge, about the superiority of his 'method of trisecting an angle' over that of 'Mr. Rowbotham' [John Rowbotham].

John B. Inglis [John Bellingham Inglis] (1780-1870), book collector [Isaac Preston Cory (1801/2-1842), Hebrew Lecturer, Caius College, Cambridge, and writer on accountancy; John Rowbotham (1793-1846)]
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21 Upper Montagu St; 24 February 1836.

2pp., 12mo. 42 lines. Bifolium. Fair, on aged paper. Addressed on reverse of second leaf to 'I. P. Cory Esq'. The letter begins: 'A friend of mine Mr. Jackson having told Mr. Rowbotham [Ruskin's tutor John Rowbotham] that I had discovered a method of trisecting an angle that gentleman said he had done it himself, which I believe he has, upon the proposition you showed me - he says it was originally published by Professor Leslie'. Inglis considers that 'Mr. R. seems to have hit upon something he does not quite comprehend'.

Autograph Note Signed (' "Winifred Graham" | (Mrs. Theodore Cory)') accompanying Typed Letter Signed ('Winifred Cory') to the Rev. E. J. F. Davies.

Winifred Graham (Matilda Winifred Muriel Graham Cory, 1873-1950), author of more than eighty books, and opponent of the Mormon religion
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Both on letterhead 'ST. ALANS, | HAMPTON-ON-THAMES'; both dated 7 January 1931.

Both items one page, 12mo. Both on creased, aged paper, with some paperclip spotting. In the typed letter (which is in slightly worse condition than the other item) she explains that she is enclosing her autograph on a separate sheet. '[I]n case you care to have it My Mother, Mrs. Graham, (I write under my maiden name) thought you might like to have Sir Philip Gibbs' autograph, [^the celebrated author,] so she has asked me to send you a card she received from him the other day. [not present] You certainly have a wonderful collection!' The autograph reads 'Jan: 7th.

Autograph Letter Signed to Robert Rising.

John Preston Neale
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Bennett Street Blackfriars | Sept. 19th. 1828.'

Architectural draughtsman (1780-1847). Three pages, quarto. Good, but heavily folded and with some loss to second leaf of bifoliate from breaking of red wax seal, the remains of which still adhere. Addressed, with postmarks, on verso of second leaf of bifoliate 'Robt. Rising Esq | Horsey. | To the Care of Robert Cory Junr Esq | Yarmouth'. Rising, of Horsey Hall, was a Norfolk landowner, and Cory (1776-1840) an antiquary. A long and interesting letter. He regrets that he has been unable to spend 'a few happy hours with you and of doing justice to the Chief Magistrate of that Gt.

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