[Incorporated Society of Musicians and British music on eve of First World War.] Signatures of thirteen composers (including Havergal Brian, Monk Gould, Julius Harrison) and musicians at 1912 Birmingham Conference, seven with autograph bars of music.

[Incorporated Society of Musicians, Birmingham Conference, 1912] Havergal Brian, Monk Gould, Julius Harrison, Edgar L. Bainton, H. Balfour Gardiner, William Wallace, C. Warwick-Evans, Harry A. Keyser
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Signatures given at the Birmingham Conference of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, 1912-1913.

For a detailed report of the Incorporated Society of Musicians conference at which these autographs were given, and which took place in Birmingham over the five days between 30 December 1912 and 3 January 1913, see Musical Times, 1 February 1913, pp.113-114. Thirteen signatures of British pre-war musical figures, on ten pieces of paper, ranging from 16 x 19 cm to 7 x 13 cm, nine of them on parts leaves of various colours cut from an album. In good condition, lightly aged. In only two cases are the signatures on both sides of the paper, on the other eight the reverse is blank.

[William Beckford, Horace Walpole and 'Monk' Lewis.] Joint volume in Bentley's 'Standard Novels' series, containing Beckford's 'Vathek', Walpole's 'Castle of Otranto', and Lewis's 'The Bravo of Venice' (translated from the German of Zschokke).

William Beckford; Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford; M. G. Lewis [Matthew Gregory Lewis; 'Monk' Lewis]; Richard Bentley, London publisher [Bentley's Standard Novels; Heinrich Zschokke; Gothic fiction]
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Each novel with its own title page stating: 'London: Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street (successor to Henry Colburn): Bell and Bradfute, Edinburgh; Cumming, Dublin; and Galignani, Paris. 1834.' With joint title as Standard Novels No. XLI.

An attractive volume, nicely and crisply printed by Alexander Spottiswoode, New-Street-Square, ten years before Beckford's death. A good tight copy, lightly aged and spotted, rebacked in remains of original brown cloth binding, with chipped black labels, gilt. Bookplate of a John Murray on front pastedown (mermaid with looking-glass and comb, motto: 'TOUT PREST'). An attractive item, nicely and crisply printed by Alexander Spottiswoode, New-Street-Square. A 12mo volume, continuously paginated to 364, but with an additional pages *97-*128 inserted after p.128.

[Monk Gibbon, 'The Grand Old Man of Irish Letters'.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Monk Gibbon'), to 'Prof Brunbaugh', regarding 'a copy of a short poem' he has made for her, and the reason for his 'rudeness' in replying to his letter late.

Monk Gibbon [William Monk Gibbon] (1896-1987), Irish poet and prolific author, dubbed 'The Grand Old Man of Irish Letters', second-cousin of William Butler Yeats
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24 Sandycove Road, Sandycove, Co. Dublin. 10 November 1970.

1p, 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-creased grey paper. Addressed to 'Dear Prof Brunbaugh'. He explains that Brunbaugh's letter of 19 September 'went into a large collective envelope marked “For attention”', adding 'You can guess what that means. It is lucky ever to have come out.' He has 'made a copy of a short poem' for Brunbaugh, and hopes that he will go and see him when he next comes to Ireland.

[William Monk, engraver.] Proof on large paper of his own self-designed bookplate ('W. MONK | HOGARTH STVDIOS'), depicting a peacock looking out onto a country sunrise from a wooden balcony. With five-line quotation from Chaucer.

William Monk (1863-1937), engraver, based at Hogarth Studios, Charlotte Street, London, best-known for his 'Calendarium Londinense'
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'W. MONK | HOGARTH STVDIOS' [Hogarth Studios, Charlotte Street, London.] Undated [1890s?].

Dimensions of etching 13 x 9 cm. Dimensions of plate 14.5 x 10.5 cm. Dimensions of page 32 x 25.5 cm. The image itself in excellent condition, the borders aged, with wear and closed tears to extremities.

[William Henry Monk, organist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('W. H. Monk') to Mrs Foy Buchanan, regarding

William Henry Monk (1823-1889), organist and composer, whose 'Eventide' was used as the music to the hymn 'Abide With Me'
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On letterhead of Glebe Field, Stoke Newington. 5 November 1881.

gb3pp., 12mo. Bifolium on mourning paper. Very good, on lightly-aged paper. He thanks her for the 'kind idea': 'My own dear girl is a talented & modest student: and some day may have to turn this to account. She is full of Music, and tho only 18 is the most reliable critic I know: always comes to a true & high conclusion.' He asks her to lend the girl her collection of sheet music, 'and then allow me to pass it on to some one else, when I meet with a fit recipient.' He was 'sorry to "lose" you in my lectures. I have a tolerable Cl I & a very good Cl II -'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('A. Cardinal Gasquet') to the publishers Messrs George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., together with typed copy of their reply.

Francis Aidan Cardinal Gasquet, English Benedictine monk and historical scholar (1846-1929) [George Routledge & Sons, Ltd.]
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21 June 1913 [for 1915]; on letterhead Palazzo San Calisto, (Trastevere) Roma'.

[Vatican Librarian; Archivist of the Vatican Secret Archive; subject of Shane Leslie's biography;Three pages, octavo. Good, on lightly aged and spotted paper, with crease to second leaf of bifolium. Regarding Rev. J. R. McKee's translation of Arnold Oskar Meyer's 'England and the Catholic Church under Queen Elizabeth'. He has received McKee's letter. 'When I promised this to the Professor more than two years ago I did not contemplate having to leave England altogether & still less had I any dream of the war, which has interrupted all relations with German friends'.

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